Choice of the Month: Samos island

View of Samos island, GreeceView of Samos island – Photo by Sotiris Lambadaridis

Samos seen from a satelliteSamos is a Greek island in the eastern Aegean Sea, south of Chios, north of Patmos and the Dodecanese islands, and off the coast of Asia Minor, from which it is separated by the 1.6 kilometres -wide Mycale Strait. Samos is of great natural beauty with green, lush forests covering great parts of the island. You will find both busy beach resorts, a vibrant nightlife as well as quiet coves for perfect relaxation and unwinding. Samos is one of the sunniest places in Europe with almost 3300 hours of sunshine annually or 74% of the time.

Antique Fortification Walls on Samos, GreeceLast remaining pillar at Heraion, Samos, GreeceRuins at Heraion on Samos, GreeceEupalinian aqueduct on Samos island, GreeceBust of Pythagoras of Samos (in Rome)Part of the wall, Heraion, Samos, GreeceIn the ancient years Samos was a very wealthy and powerful city-state. It is home to the Pythagoreion and the Heraion of Samos, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that includes the Eupalinian aqueduct, a marvel of ancient engineering. Samos is the birthplace of the Greek  philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras, after whom the Pythagorean theorem is named, the philosopher Epicurus, and the astronomer Aristarchus of Samos, who allegedly designed the first heliocentric map. Samian wine was well known in antiquity, a sweet muscat wine known as “nectar”, and is still produced on the island today.

Villages of Samos

View of Vathy, Samos, GreeceCentral square of Karlovasi, Samos island, GreeceView of Marathokampos village, Samos, Greece

Pythagoreion harbor, Samos, GreecePythagoreion port, Samos, GreeceVilllage of Kokkari, Samos, GreecePythagoras Monument, Vathy, SamosView of Vathy, Samos, GreeceBeing a rather big island, Samos has quite a few interesting villages and places to see. There is literally something for every taste, both quiet, rustique villages and big beach resorts as well as a night club in Marathokambos.
The capital of Samos, Vathy, is a charming town with a harmonious blend of Ventian remains, neoclassical buildings and modern constructions. It is built on the slopes around the port offering a great view to the sea.
Pythagoreion is probably the most picturesque village on the island also built in a slopy terrain around its beautiful waterfront with its traditional port.
Karlovassi, 32 km northwest of Vathy, with its old mansions and dense forests is a beauty one should not loose the opportunity to visit when going to Samos.

Beaches on Samos

Lemanokia beach, Samos, GreeceKatsakas, Samiopoula - Samos, GreeceMegalo Seitani beach, SamosPotami Bay, Samos, GreecePsalida, Samiopoula - SamosPoseidonio, a small coastal settlement on Samos, with the coast of Turkey in the background.Beach of Potami, Samos, GreeceSamos has many beautiful beaches, some sandy and some with fine pepples. Kokkari, Lemonakia, Mykali and Potokaki are just a few of them. Although some of them are organized and popular, they still keep their picturesque ambience. Many secluded bays can be found for more privacy.

Things to do

windsurfingWindsurfing: Ideally located at the locus of reliable and strong northern winds, the Samos windsurf centre is the Mecca of windsurfing in the North-Eastern Aegean Islands, and offers perfect onshore wind conditions to suit all levels of expertise, right from beginners and intermediates to the speed freaks.

The windsurf centre at Kokkari beach offers a unique combination of recreation and learning with a comprehensive training program provided by surfer and sailor, Rob Horne, who for two decades was in charge of one of the largest windsurf centres in the world. The centre rents out mountain bikes to explore the vast mountainous terrain and traditional villages of the island as well.

diving in GreeceScuba diving: A diving centre has recently been established at Pythagoreion by Anthony Nicolaides. Now with a new Greek law, diving is allowed in all of Greece. This recreational scuba diving law allows since 2006 to freely dive and discover interesting diving sites around the island of Samos.



 Pool area of Armonia Bay Hotel, Kokkari, Samos
This photo of Armonia Bay Hotel is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Armonia Bay Hotel
Tsamadou Beach, Kokkari 83100, Greece
Tel: (+30) 22730 92279
Hotel website  Email:

Eleana Apartments
Heraion 83100, Samos, Greece
Tel: (+30) 22730 95278 Mobile: (+30) 69380 42131
Website  Email:



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