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Kitesurfing or Kiteboarding is an adventure surface water sport that has been described as combining wakeboarding, windsurfing, surfing, paragliding, and gymnastics into one extreme sport. Kitesurfing harnesses the power of the wind to propel a rider across the water on a small surfboard or a kiteboard (similar to a wakeboard). The terms kiteboarding and kitesurfing are interchangeable. There are a number of different styles of kiteboarding, including freestyle, freeride, downwinders, speed, course racing, wakestyle, jumping and wave-riding which is focused on kitesurfing big waves using a directional board similar to a surfboard.

  • Kitesurf Atlas for excellent kiting spots in Greece
  • Nissakia Surf Club (unfortunately most of their website is only written in Greek)
    The club is to be found on the east coast of Attica about 40 km from Athens.
    Nissakia Surf Club
    29 Karistou, 19016 Artemis Loutsa, Attica, Greece
    Tel: +30 22940 26323  email:
  • Paros Kite Pro Center is an IKO (International Kiteboarding Association) affiliated Kiteboarding Centre where they offer quality and safe teaching. Teaching is designed for beginners as well as experienced riders.
  • Paroskite Kitesurfing and Windsurfing Center
    With IKO-certified instructors and windsurf instructors for novice as well as experienced riders.
  • Flisvos Kite Centre in Naxos
    Where to find good kitespots in Greece, like for example in Paros, Naxos, Limnos, Rhodes, Nafplio and Lefkas.







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