Touring in the Ionian islands: Paxos & Antipaxos

AntipaxosCaves at Antipaxos island

9th stop: Paxos & Antipaxos

The whole picture is quite idyllic – Crystal clear waters, beaches in tropical style, green inland, sea caves and traditional villages. Here all sizes and distances are small. The Paxoi islands, always a favourite spot for sailsmen to throw their anchor, are today a popular tourist attraction, but still loved by experienced travellers.
Overall, the best seasons to visit these tiny islands are early summer or September. That way you’ll avoid crowdy beaches and restaurants.

Gaios Port

Gaio Port, PaxosGaios town, PaxosGaios, PaxosGaios, PaxosArriving at Gaios Port the first impressions will probably be beyond all expectations. This little town well hidden in the narrow waters between the main island of Paxos and the islet of Agios Nikolaos, just a few metres away, looks like a cinematic scenery. The houses, scattered along the waterfront, retain the traditional Ionian architecture and colorful as they are as they pose beside the deep blue sea, they create a unique picture.

The small, but interesting Folklore Museum is worthwhile visiting. It is housed in a magnificent building from the 16th century. If you would like to visit the castle of Agios Nikolaos, built in 1423, on the islet by the same name, it is better to arrange with the local authorities beforehand.

Loggos and its beaches

Marmari Beach at Loggos, Paxos island
This photo of Marmari Beach at Loggos is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Seven kilometres north of Gaios you’ll find Loggos. It is a cluster of flower-decked houses on the north east coast overlooking a small fishing harbour. There are several mini-markets and a bakery, a couple of bars and a traditional coffeeshop. Just south of Loggos is an attractive shingle beach at Levericho. This makes Loggos a very busy site. There are shingle beaches nearby at Kipos and Marmari. The latter set in a bay with shade from the olive trees that grow down to the shoreline. There are small coves in the area of which many can only be reached by boat. Further south is Pounda, with access along a track from the main road. The track branches south and down a very steep track to a long pebble beach at Kipiadi.


 Lakka Bay, Paxos
This photo of Lakka Bay, Paxos, is courtesy of TripAdvisor

At Lakka (11 km from Gaios) you’ll have to leave the car and continue on foot. Here at the waterfront all the tavernas are clustered with shops and kafeneia. It is a small place but very beautiful with the tiny bay where trees grow all the way down to the waterline. Around Lakka you will find beautiful beaches if you take the dirt roads. Both Arkoudáki and Orkós are great, but can sometimes be difficult to reach (roads blocked). On the other hand, you can go a bit further south to the more quiet beaches of Lakkos, Monodéndri and Glyfáda, again taking the dirt road and walk a little.
On your way back we suggest you take the western route (12 km) through the traditional villages of Magaziá, Katsimátika and Vlahopoulátika with their Venetian wells, old oil presses and storage houses, which will remind you that this once was a very productive village. The western coastline is steep and rocky with caves and can only be reached by boat.


Vrika beach overview, AntipaxosAntipaxos, Cliffs on the islandVrika Beach, AntipaxosAntipaxos IslandWhen visiting Paxos it is a ‘must’ to visit Antipaxos,  a very small island only 3 nautical miles from Paxos. Where Paxos mainly has olive trees, Antipaxos has grapes. The last years, this tiny island (3 km long and 1 km wide) has become very popular, specially because of its two “tropical” beaches, Vrika and Voutoumi where the waters are crystal clear and turquoise in colour.

Things to do

Boat trip around the islands: Visit and swim in the beautiful blue caves, see the stunning white cliffs of Erimitis and the natural wonder of Tripitos. Then onto the sandy beaches of Antipaxos, where the turquoise waters are simply out of this world! Lay back, relax, and enjoy the beach. The boat makes its way back to Loggos via the East Coast dropping anchor at the beautiful half moon bay of Kipiadi for a quick swim and a little ouzo!
This is a great opportunity to see some of the world’s most beautiful scenery….all in one day

Photos of Lefcothea, Loggos
This photo of Lefcothea is courtesy of TripAdvisor – View from the Bella Vista Taverna

Lefcothea (the boat)
Harbourfront, Loggos, Greece
Tel: +30 26620 31662
Paxos Thallasa Travel


 Zakspitaki B&B, Loggos, Paxos
This photo of Zakspitaki B&B is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Zakspitaki B&B
Kangatika – between Loggos and Fontana, Loggos, Paxos, Greece
Tel: +30 266 203 1243  Mobile: +30 697 950 7630
email:   Website

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