Touring in the Dodecanese islands

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After a couple of weeks touring in Crete, we will turn our interest towards the Dodecanese islands, which are perfect for spring and early summer vacations.

The island group of Dodecanese in the south-eastern Aegean is the warmest and most sunny part of Greece. Twelve large islands, among them cosmopolitan Rhodes, Patmos and Kos and a number of smaller ones with crystal clear waters, sandy or pebbly beaches, important archaeological sites, great Byzantine and medieval monuments and the most charming traditional settlements are waiting to be discovered.

If you belong to the more adventurous type of travellers seeking to discover new paths with lesser-known, unspoiled destinations, you will have the opportunity to read about them in the posts to come during April.
You’ll also find detailed descriptions of the more cosmopolitan islands like Rhodes, islands that have played an important role in the long and rich history of Greece.

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