Touring in Peloponnes: Corinth

So, this is it! We’re up and running. The site is not completely ready – have still got to finish the pages for the Cyclades and Dodecanese islands, not to mention Crete. I left them for last, since other destinations are better suited for winter and spring traveling in Greece.
Will get the islands ready too, though, during the winter months.

Satelite photo of Peloponnese, GreeceFor a start I would like to take you on a tour to the different interesting destinations in the peninsula of Peloponnese.

Peloponnese is very rich in its variety of natural beauty but also in the signs of its long and interesting history. For anyone interested in the ancient or medieval history of Greece Peleponnese is an obvious choice during the winter and spring months. Also for trekking, biking, skiing, and birdwatching the peninsula has a lot to offer.
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1st stop: Corinth

Coordinates: 37°56′N 22°56′E

The ancient Roman fountain in Corinth, Greece Corinth Canal, GreeceAncient Street, Corinth, Greece


Corinth is the first stop to the peninsula of Peloponnese when you arrive from northeast by road or train from Athens. Corinth is situated exactly on the other side of the canal, which also carry the name Corinth Canal.  Google maps: Corinth Canal

The places of interest in the area of Corinth are, of course, first of all the ancient sites and the canal itself. The ruins in ancient Corinth are in a much poorer shape than those at the Acropolis in Athens and not nearly as overwhelming, but they are much more accessible, too.
Statues outside the museum in Corinth, GreeceDuring winter you’ll practically have the site to yourselves and in this way it will be much easier to get into the spirit of Corinth. The setting is magnificent at the base of an awesome mountain and you can easily imagine the Corinth that St. Paul visited. The museum is small but of great interest, especially for a visitor interested in Christian history.
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Gulf of Corinth from Acrocorinth, GreeceAcrocorinth is the big rocky hill that overlooks Corinth and its bay. It is not to be confused with the ruins of ancient Corinth that are found just under it. The hill stands proud and lonely, it can be seen from everywhere around, surrounded by walls. If you love history, just go there… Walking around the steep walls will be a unique experience.  At the same wall you’ll see stones of the ancient era at the base, roman stones above them, byzantine stones and ottoman stones at the top. Ancient Corinth is not just a fortified hill, it also is a place that lets you immerse into the history of Greece through the centuries.

The Canal of Corinth, Greece, 2011The Isthmus of Corinth is the narrow land bridge which connects the Peloponnese peninsula with the rest of the mainland of Greece, near the city of Corinth. The word “isthmus” comes from the Ancient Greek word for “neck” and refers to the narrowness of the land. The Isthmus was known in the ancient world as the landmark separating Peloponnese from mainland of Greece.

Submerge bridge, CorinthTo the west of the Isthmus is the Gulf of Corinth, to the east the Saronic Gulf. Since 1893 the Corinth Canal has run through the 6.3 km wide isthmus, effectively making the Peloponnese an island. Today, two road bridges, two railway bridges and two submersible bridges at both ends of the canal connect the mainland side of the isthmus with the Peloponnese side. Also a military emergency bridge is located at the west end of the canal.

Corinth is a major road hub, being the entry point to the Peloponnesian peninsula, the southernmost area of continental Greece.
The city has been connected to the Proastiakos, the Athens suburban rail network, since 2005, when the new Corinth railway station was completed.

When you pick a restaurant or a coffee shop be choosy. Corinth is a place with a lot of bypassers all year round, so the locals are used to have a lot of visitors in need of a meal or a cup of coffee. This means that prices in many places are up, but not necessarily the quality! Below you will find our suggestions for accommodation and restaurants – all places that have been reviewed…


To Dasaki is located about 20 km from Corinthos. A clean restaurant, next to the beach in a quiet and pleasant environment with trees. Beautiful views to the Corinthian bay, fresh fish and good starters all year through.
You can swim at the beach nearby.
Friendly people and very reasonable prices.
Address: Neratza Korinthias, Corinth, Greece  Phone: 0030-27420-33325

At the seaside of Loutraki, Corinth, you’ll find excellent pizzas at Pizzaria Ami.
Address: Poseidonos 33, Loutraki, Corinth, Greece


Arhontiko Kefalari
Address: Kefalari, Corinth 22300, Greece
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Belesis Apartments
Address: Almyri, Loutra Oraias Elenis, Corinth 20100, Greece
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Hotel Apollon Corinth
Address: Damaskinou Str 2,, Corinth 20100, Greece
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