To you, my dear reader of Go Greece Your Way: Welcome!

On these pages you will find inspiration and information for your vacations in Greece. Inspiration about unknown destinations, or at least unknown to most non-Greeks. You will find all the information you need according to activities and sights in specific islands, cities or areas.

I will be sharing my knowledge about stunning islands, mountains, seas, and rivers in Greece. You will also find information about the Greek culture, ancient sites, and all kinds of activities you can dive into during your holidays in Greece.

Activities for all kinds of travellers

I have tried to include activities for sporty people as well as activities for those of you interested in culture and ancient history. First and foremost, I have included activities taking place in nature, for instance hiking, scuba diving, canoeing or bird watching for all you nature lovers.
Soon, you will find links to booking engines as well, where you can book accommodation, flights, and activity packages for your holiday in Greece.

My greatest passion is sharing information about Greece and its enormous diversity

About me, the blogger of GGYW

My name is Linda, I am of Danish origin but I have lived half my life in Greece. Today, I am based in Copenhagen, Denmark.
I created this blog back in 2011 as a project for my studies in multimedia design. Afterwards, I found a full-time job which left me only little spare time to working with GO GREECE YOUR WAY.

A new beginning for GGYW

That changed last year. Since spring 2020 I have devoted all my working hours to updating GGYW. I intend to continuously find all the best, most updated information, and inspiring news about travelling in Greece.

Discover new destinations and activities in Greece

My intention is to inspire you in discovering little-known destinations and finding new ways of enjoying your vacations in Greece. The most famous destinations are not necessarily the best places for YOU to visit during your holiday. Often, they tend to be crowdy, especially in high season. Let me help you finding hidden treasures among the Greek islands and extraordinary activities you did not know about.

You are always welcome to write a comment about your wishes for GGYW, or maybe update me on some local facts 😉
Thank you for reading along.

Yours sincerely
Linda Bergholt Bertelsen

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