Birdwatching in Greece

Greece is worldwide known for its great history, sandy beaches, one of the most famous holiday destinations. On the other hand, few birdwatchers realize that, this small European country, being the natural frontier between Europe, Asia and Africa, combines a great variety of different habitats. From small rocky islets, to snow capped mountain, from agricultural areas to deserted valleys, from fresh water lagoons to estuaries, the country is simply full of unexpected micro-environments.
All this combination provided the perfect habitat for as much as 444 species of birds that have been recorded here. There are 9 Ramsar sites, 196 Important Bird Areas, Natura Sites, Aesthetic Forests.

See and use the Hellenic Ornithological Society’s interactive Important Bird Areas (IBAs) map to find details of environments and species.

Follow the links below to find dedicated birdwatchers with experience in birdwatching in Greece:

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