Mountaineering & Canyoning



  • Eco Tourism in Greece
    There are at least 300 large and small mountains dotting the Greek landscape, chock full of forests, valleys, traditional villages, fauna and flora that will literally leave you spellbound. The ‘backbone’ of Greece is the Pindus mountain range, running from the Greek-Albanian border over 160 kilometres, all the way down to the Peloponnese. You can almost imagine it continuing over Crete as well.
  • Canyoning in Crete
  • Samaria Gorge and the White Mountains
    Hiking/Mountain Climbing in Western Crete
    The activities are going on in the northern part of Greece: Epirus, Macedonia and Thessaly.
  • Olympos Trek
    Trekking, canyoning, rafting, mountain biking, etc. at Mount Olympus
  • Dikti mountain in eastern Crete
    Its the highest mountain massiv of east Crete with several peaks higher than 2000m. Highest summit is the “Spathi” with 2147 m. The famous¬†Lassithi-Plateau¬†(900m. height) belongs to this mountain massiv.







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