Thermal Spas in Greece

  • Edipsos – on the island of Euboea (Evia). Said to be good for rheumatism, arthritis, nervous disorders, sciatica, and female problems. Further info
  • Eleutheria in the region of Kavala. Said to be good for chronic rheumatism, arthritis, and female problems. Further info
  • Kaiafa in the region of Ilia. Provides bathing and bottled waters. Said to help arthritis, female problems, skin problems, gall stones, and liver ailments. Tel: Thermal springs: +30 26250 31719
  • Kamena Vourla in the area of Fthiotid, east coast of mainland Greece. Baths said to help rheumatism, arthritic deformations, gout, and nervous disorders. Thermal Spa tel: +30 22350 22982, +30 22350 22245, +30 22350 22247
  • Kilkis Thermal Tourism Center of Fangotherapy-Hydrotherapy “Pikrolimni”.  It has  indoor pools for clay treatment – separate for groups of men and women, and individual boxes of clay coating. Tel: +30  23410-29971 – or 72 – or 73
  • Kyllini in the region of Ilia. Offers baths and inhalation therapy, said to assist in respiratory problems, asthma, and skin problems. Further info
  • Konitsa Thermal Center in the region Epirus. Baths are said to assist in rheumatism, arthritis, gynecological problems, asthma, skin diceases, circulatory disorders, metatraumatic sufferings and more. Amaranthos Thermal Baths
  • Kythnos – baths on Kythnos (Cyclades) are said to assist in rheumatism, arthritis, gynecological problems, sciatica, and myalgia.
  • Langada – near Thessaloniki. Used for rheumatism, peripheral nerve problems, and arthritis. Tel: +30 23940 22488, +30 23940 22165
  • Lefkada Ikarias – on the island of Ikaria (Ionian islands). Baths and bottled waters are said to help skin problems, hepatitis, gynecological problems, rheumatism, and blood circulation. Email:  Further info
  • Lakkos – in Milos island, Cyclades. This island has many hot springs, but the only recognized as a therapeutic spa-spring of a healing importance, is that of “Lakkos” in Adamantas, which is mentioned in Hippocrates’s works. Is said to help against chronic rheumatism, arthritis, myalgias, neuralgias and in general peripheral nerves diseases, skin diseases, and gynaecological diseases.
    For more information, contact the Municipality of Milos
    Tel: (+30) 22870 21370, (+30) 22870 21380)
  • Lesvos – in the Northeastern Aegean. This island boasts many hot springs, treating the usual variety of ailments. Further info about Polichnitos Hot Springs  Eftalou Hot Springs in Lesvos, tel: +30 22530 71245, +30 22530 71323
  • Loutraki – in the Corinth area. Baths and bottled waters. Allegedly helps with gout, kidney stones, and gall stones. Further info
  • Methana – island in the Saronic Gulf. The baths are said to assist in rheumatism, arthritis, gynecological disorders, and skin problems. Further info
  • Nigrita – in Serres. Baths and bottled waters assist digestion, dyspepsia, other digestive disorders, arthritis, rheumatism, skin diseases, and gynecological diseases. Tel: +30 23220 22893
  • Platystomo – in Fthiotida region. Baths and waters, said to help digestion, obesity, diabetes, kidney stones, and liver problems. Baths of Platystomo Resort and Spa, tel: +30 22360 22510, mobile: +30 6974 828 770
  • Baths of Loutraki Pella (Pozar)
    In these Baths there are many spas. The outdoor pool temperature is 37° all year round, making it possible to swim with snow! Further info
  • Sariza – on the island of Andros. Drinking the bottled water is said to assist in kidney stones. No baths.
  • Sidirokastro Thermal Baths – The Springs of Sidirokastro have been known since the Byzantine times. The bath has a steam room, jacuzzi, massage, fangotherapy, aroma therapy, fruit therapy,massage, air massage, hydrokineso therapy. Further info
  • Smokovo – in Karditsa. Baths and inhalation therapy are offered to assist rheumatism, respiratory problems, skin problems, and gynecological disorders.
    Thermal spa. Further info
  • Souroti – in the region of Thessaloniki. Bottled waters available to assist many digestive problems. No spas.
  • Spas of Agistri in Serres – The oldest Greek Hamam ideal for enjoying the hot springs. Hydrotherapy for rheumatism Further info
  • Therma Ikarias – on the island of Ikaria. Said to assist with chronic rheumatism, arthritic deformations, gout, and spondyliosis.  Further info
  • Thermopylae – in the region of Fthiotida. Baths to assist rheumatism, gynecological problems, and peripheral nerve troubles.
    Further info
  • Vouliagmeni – in Attica. Baths to assist in rheumatism, nerve disorders, sciatica, and gynecological problems. One of the oldest baths, with well-established hotels.
  • Xyno Nero – in Florina. Bottled waters said to help digestion problems, kidney stones, and liver disorders. No spa.
  • Ypati – another spa in spring-rich Fthiotida. Said to assist circulatory problems, hypertension, and heart troubles. Further info

Hellenic Association of Municipalities with thermal springs

Traditional and alleged uses are included as historical background, or as they are advertised within Greece. This information is not intended to be taken as medical advice of any kind.