Hiking Guide – Discover Hidden Coves, Remote Villages, Astonishing Wildlife

The great diversity of the Greek landscape makes hiking one of the best activities to do in Greece. On the trails you will discover archaeological sites, visit monasteries, and cross gorges, valleys and even lakes and rivers.

  1. Your Guide to Hiking in Greece
  2. Top Hiking Destinations in Greece
  3. Hiking in the Greek Mountains
  4. Hiking Clubs in Greece
  5. Trekking Hellas
  6. Hiking around Athens
  7. Hiking at Mount Olympus
  8. Hiking in Meteora
  9. Hiking in the Cyclades
  10. Hiking in Crete
  11. Hiking in the Ionian Islands
Hiking to the summit of Mount Olympus, Greece
Summit of Mount Olympus

Your guide to hiking in Greece

Depending on the landscape of each region and the season of the year the difficulty of the hiking path varies a great deal. This activity can be combined with agritourism, the new kind of tourism which has developed over the last decade. 

Top hiking destinations in Greece

Are you really into hiking and in good physical shape? Then do not miss the Top 3 hiking routes in Greece:

  1. Reach the summit of Mount Olympus
  2. Hike in Meteora – the land of Monks
  3. Go trekking through the gorges of Crete

The most popular hiking routes in Greece you will find in the Cyclades, Crete, Meteora, Zagorochoria in Epirus and in the central, mountainous Peloponnese. With most hiking clubs you can combine hiking with a variety of other activities like river rafting, archery, or mountaineering.

Hiking in the Greek mountains

Hiking in the Greek mountains

In Greece safe hiking is always of utmost importance, and you will be adviced to carry a good map of the area at all times, and if you do not know the route too well to be accompanied by a local guide. When in the mountains cell phones usually get a very weak signal, and in the altitude of the mountains weather can be quite unpredictable, especially during the winter season.

Hiking clubs in Greece

Greece offers endless opportunities for hiking or trekking in the most stunning nature with its great variety. You will find green forested valleys with rivers and lakes; wild, rocky gorges and golden, sandy beaches with turquoise blue waters.

Trekking in Vikos Gorge, Epirus, Greece
Vikos Gorge, Epirus

Trekking Hellas

Clubs in all of Greece

Trekking Hellas is a team of devoted nature lovers who share a common vision which in a few words is “the deliverance of authentic experiences in nature”.

Hiking around Athens

Athens Strollers

Athens Hiking Club

Hiking at Mount Olympus

Olympos Trek – Trekking, hiking, canyoning, rafting, mountain biking, etc. at Mount Olympus

Hiking in Meteora

Adrenaline Hunter – Hiking tours, scramble tours and rock climbing sessions in Meteora

Hiking in the Cyclades

Andros, Kythnos, Naxos, and Santorini

One Foot Forward in Andros

Kythnos Hiking

Naxos Hiking

Santorini Walking Tours

Hiking in Crete

Trekking through Aradena Gorge, Crete, Greece
Aradena Gorge, Crete

Strata Tours

Adrenaline Hunter – Trekking in the mountains of Lefka Ori, canyoning trips and gorge trekking

Hiking in the Ionian Islands

Island Walks in Ithaca