Horseback Riding – Along Stunning Beaches and Special Trails

Unchanged since antiquity horseback riding is today, just like then expressing the fine and intimate relationship between man and horse. This relationship has a history as old as humankind itself – and horseback riding is an adventurous sport expressing respect for the natural environment. 

Horseback Riding on Beaches

Greek Mythology about Horseback Riding

What does “Alogo” (horse) mean?

Horseback Riding in Modern Times

Horseback Riding in Greece Today

Riding Clubs in Mainland Greece

Riding Clubs in Crete

Riding Clubs in the Ionian Islands

Riding Clubs in the Aegean Islands

Riding Clubs in the Saronic Islands

Horseback riding in Greece

Still today, horseback riding in Greece is a unique experience. In the Greek mainland as well as the Greek islands there are horse riding centers scattered across the countryside offering horse riding tours and riding courses. 

Horseback riding on beaches

Horseback riding at the sandy beach of Karteros - 6km east of Heraklion

The most amazing experience when horse riding in Greece are the sunset riding tours by the beach or maybe on the hills, where you can relax in your saddle enjoying the sun as it dips into the sea. 

Greek mythology about horseback riding

Horseback riding in Greece

In Greek mythology this relationship between man and horse has a divine dimension; Mount Pelion was the home of the mythical creatures Centaurs, half-men, and half-horses. Here, ancient Greek heroes like Theseus, Achilles and Jason came to master the arts taught by the Centaurs.  

What does alogo (horse) mean?

In Greek, the name for horse is alogo meaning without logic or reason, no speech, from military terminology, as opposed to the human part of the army, men, who had logo meaning logic or reason, ie had speech

Horseback riding in modern times

Horseback riding in Greece

In modern time the equestrian sports began in Greece just before the start of World War II. This was the initiative of some high-ranked officers in the Greek army and amateur horseback riders who founded the Hellenic Equestrian Club on an estate in Holargos, Attica. After WWII the club moved to new premises in Paradissos, suburb of Amarousion (north of Athens). Many Athenians with prerequisites for horseback riding started using the club and soon it became the first center in Greece for the development of competitive riding. Ever since, the equestrian sports have been developing in Greece and is one of the sports on a rise. New clubs are opening each year being especially popular among young riders.  

Horseback riding in Greece today

Horseback riding in Greece

Today over 50 equestrian clubs and riding schools are operating in Greece and new members are enrolling and new riders take part on the competitive circuit. Today the sport has around 2,450 riders and 1,000 horses. These centers situated throughout Greece take on teaching you the basic secrets of riding while obtaining the necessary safety for the riders. With qualified personnel and trained horses, you will be able to ride horseback along natural pathways and beautiful mountain routes. 

Horseback riding in Greece

Find a selected list of horse riding clubs here below. 

Riding clubs in mainland Greece

Dimitriou Horses 
In Nafpaktos Town

IFOM Pelion Horseback Riding 
In the village of Millies, Pelion

Kato Kastritsi, in the area Orto, Patras 

Riding clubs in Crete

Deres Horse Riding Center 
Platanias, Chania, Crete

Fourni Horses 
Fourni, Lassithi 

Horse Park  
Rethymno, Crete 

AlianthosHorse and Pony Riding
Plakias in Rethymno region, Crete

Zoirada Horse Riding
Kavros, Rethymno

Riding Academy of Crete 
Karteros, Heraklion 

Pitsidia, South Crete

Odysseia Stables
Herakleion, Crete

Riding clubs in the Ionian Islands

Arena Horse Riding 
Agios Spiridon, Corfu 

Bavarian Horse Riding Stables 
Sami, Kefalonia 

Eco Ranch Nydri 
Nidri, Lefkada 

Happy Horses 
Laganas, Zakynthos 

Riding clubs in the Aegean Islands

Salt Lake Stables 
Marmari, Kos 

Naxos Horse Riding 
Town, Naxos 

Kokou Hors Riding Center
Naussa, Paros

Sifnos Horse Riding 
Vathy, Sifnos 

Panouris Ranch 
Vathy, Samos 

Santo Horse Riding 
Akrotiri, Santorini 

Apolakia, Rhodes 

Thassos Horse Club 
Skala Prinos, Thassos 

Appaloosa Horse Riding Club
Town , Skyros

Riding clubs in the Saronic Islands

Aponisos Horse Riding
Aponisos, Angistri

Greg’s Spetses Horses 
Town, Spetses