Hot Springs & Spas in Greece

It seems like ancient Greeks always had a very good reason for planning the location of their cities around the astonishing landscape of Greece. Often they were regarding the positions of stars as well as strategic value of locations.

When it comes to thermal spas the miraculous rising of hot water from the earth, mostly resulted in the up spring of a town or temple around the aquatic wonder.

Most springs have been in continuous use since prehistoric times. Unlike the ruins of ancient cities, where we can imagine but not really experience what the life of the times was like, today’s spas offer a modern experience that is little changed from the magnificent spa and bath experiences of Greek and Roman times. Spending a few days – or even a few hours – at one of these special places is a great way to take a vacation from your vacation and relax after spending days with activities.

While a few famous waters are now reduced to merely being the source springs for bottling plants, most are available for the enjoyment of Greeks and tourists alike.

List of important thermal spas in Greece

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