Off-roading tours on 4×4 expeditions in stunning Greek mountains

Off-road tours are the perfect way to explore the unknown and stunning Greek nature. Go on a 4×4 expedition in the mountains of Epirus, Peloponnese, Central Greece and Macedonia crossing rivers and finding shelters in the mountains. Up here in the fresh air you will discover another intriguing Greece with other scents, spectacular views, and superb cuisine in the mountainous villages.

From Sea Level to 2600 Meters

4×4 Safari on Off-roading Trails

Off-Road Tours in the Greek Mountains

4×4 Safari in Pindos Mountains

Off-Road Tours in Macedonia

Jeep Holiday in Eastern Macedonia

Land Rover Safari on Rhodes Island

Jeep Safari in Mountainous Crete

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From sea level to 2600 meters

You can go from sea level up into the mountainous altitude of 2600 meter within just two hours of driving. Travel in small groups to the secret paths of mountainous Greece, safely, to places hidden far away.

4×4 safari on off-roading trails

Discover Greece by 4×4, following incredible routes in the Greek mountains. Routes with a variety of difficulty and interesting sightseeing. During all seasons of the year, the Greek nature offer you momentary landscapes, exciting off-roading, and interesting sightseeing of ancient and modern civilization. Greece is the heaven of off-road excursions: Mountains, rivers, forests, beaches on varying ground and a very dense and long, gravel road network.

Off-road tours in the Greek mountains

Mountainous Greece is the traditional Greece where people live much like in the old days. The emerald green rivers are running through the Pindus mountains where traditional arched stone bridges are connecting the pristine, old villages. Suddenly monasteries appear out of the blue, nested on cliffs, and further down the track you meet a white-water river. Go on an off-road journey exploring the traditional villages with the stone houses and chapels decorated with Byzantine icons and frescos.

4×4 safari in Pindos Mountains

From the Corinthian Bay in south of mainland Greece you can go north to the southern part of the Pindos mountain range to explore the authentic mainland of Greece, visiting Lake Plastiras, Tzoumerka, Evritania, Nafpaktia and the national park of Vikos-Aoos.

Off-Road tours in Macedonia

off-roading in Greece, 4x4, land rover safari

In northern Pindos and Macedonia, you can discover the untouched beauty of Zagorohoria, Ioannina, Kastoria, Meteora, Mastrochoria, Prespes Lakes, Metsovo and Fraktos Forest. Driving through the magnificent mountains of Macedonia you will explore untouched forests and find stone-built villages next to stunning lakes and crystal-clear rivers.

Jeep holiday in eastern Macedonia

When on holiday in Thessaloniki or Macedonia in general, an off-road tour taking its start in Thessaloniki takes you by jeep on safari to the most beautiful natural sites in the eastern part of Macedonia, where you will discover the villages of Northern Greece. On this safari route you will experience many rare species of bird around the Lake of Kerkini. During a jeep safari in the eastern part of Macedonia do not miss the opportunity to go rafting in the gorgeous Aggitis River, which can be included in your tour.

Land Rover Safari on Rhodes island

off-roading in Greece, 4x4, land rover safari

A great way to explore the island of Rhodes is from a Land Rover. A safari will take you to natural as well as historical sites all around the island, including the southern tip of Rhodes, where the two seas meet each other. Visit the wine producing region of Rhodes island, and marvel the pine forests and the rugged landscape on the center of the island.

Jeep safari in mountainous Crete

In Crete you can spend a full week crisscrossing the whole northwest coast or choose to go on multiple smaller adventure trips. You can also travel your way around eastern Crete on a safari through olive groves and grape fields and all the way up in the mountains discovering ancient settlements in secluded valleys. Your trip is bound to become quite adventurous as the trails will take you through rugged terrains, constantly changing.