Touring in Central & Western Greece

Mount Parnassos in Central GreeceThe next 10 posts will take us on a route from Lamia in Central Greece southwest through the mountainous area of Parnassos. We’ll then follow the coastline along the Corinthian Gulf, going west and finally end up in Vonitsa at the Ambracian Gulf.

Lamia Town, Central GreeceOld watermill at Herkyna river in LivadeiaArachova at sunsetDelphi tholosGalaxidi at the Corinthian GulfNafpaktosAgrinio city by eveningMessolonghi lagoonThe Rio-Antirrio bridgeAmfilochiaThe Ambracian GulfView from the Castle of Vonitsa

The stops along the way will be:

  • Lamia
  • Livadeia
  • Arachova
  • Delphi
  • Galaxidi
  • Naupactus
  • Missolonghi
  • Agrinio
  • Amphilochia
  • Vonitsa

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