Vonitsa – Amidst the Magic Wetland of the Ambracian Gulf

Vonitsa is set in a lush, green landscape overlooking the Ambracian Gulf, which is one of the few places in Greece where you still get a peek of the endangered bottlenosed dolphins. This is mainly because of the rich stock of sardines in the Ambracian Gulf, where industrial fishing is impossible.

  1. Where is Vonitsa Greece?
  2. Map of the Ambracian Gulf
  3. The Wetlands of the Ambracian Gulf
  4. History of Vonitsa

Where is Vonitsa Greece?

Vonitsa is a town in the northwestern part of Aetolia-Acarnania in Greece, seat of the municipality of Aktio-Vonitsa. Vonitsa has a population of more than 4,000 inhabitants. The picturesque beach-town with its three beaches is situated on the south coast of the Ambracian Gulf. It is dominated by a Venetian fortress on a hill. Vonitsa is 13 km southeast of Preveza and 18 km northeast of Lefkada City. The Greek National Road 42 (Lefkada – Amfilochia) passes through Vonitsa.

Map of the Ambracian Gulf

map of preveza ionian sea greece
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The wetlands of the Ambracian Gulf

spectacular sunset in the amvrakikos gulf in Preveza greece
Spectacular sunset in the Ambracian Gulf

The Ambracian Gulf is quite shallow, and its shore is broken by numerous marshes, large parts of which form an estuary system. The Louros and Arachthos rivers drain into it; for this reason it is warmer and less salty than the Ionian, and a current flows from the gulf into the sea. It is rich in grey mullet, sole, and eel.

Veiw of Vonitsa, seen from the castle
Vonitsa, seen from the castle

History of Vonitsa

Vonitsa is built near the site of ancient Anactorium, an important city of Acarnania, founded by Corinthians in 630 BC. Like the other cities of Acarnania, it went into decline when the Romans founded Nicopolis on the other side of the Ambracian Gulf after the Battle of Actium, and forced its inhabitants to move to that city.

Vonitsa was founded during Byzantine rule. Vonitsa was controlled by the Republic of Venice between 1684 and 1797. After the Greek War of Independence, the town became a part of Greece in 1832.

Vonitsa with its beautiful natural environment is a perfect setting for a break of a couple of days if you are on your way to Preveza or Lefkada Island. The medieval castle and the ancient site nearby will give you plenty of opportunity for sightseeing.

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