Bungee jumping – Famous spot from bridges in amazing nature

Bungee Jumping in Greece has become extremely popular over the last decade. In the beginning there was a terror, though, in the sight of an audacious bungee jumper, today more and more people dare to try this extreme sport.

There are many clubs and sports organizations that organize bungee jumping in Greece.

Bungee jumping from Isthmos, Corinth Channel

Famous bungee spots in Greece

  • The bridge of Chalkida, about 100 km to the north of Athens and 40 meters high, is the oldest bungy jumping spot in Greece and therefore quite famous
  • The Corinth Channel, a bridge 100 meters high
  • Aradena Bridge above the Gorge of Aradena in Chania, Crete –
    with its 138 meters it is the second highest bridge for bungee jumping in Europe
Bungy jumping in Greece
Bungy jumping from crane

Where was bungee jumping invented?

The ancient ritual, where young men jump from tall wooden platforms with vines tied to their ankles as a courage test and passage into manhood, started on the Pentecost Island in Vanuatu in the South Pacific. It was called land diving and unlike bungee jumping in modern times, the land-divers intentionally hit the ground. The vines, though, helped absorbing the force to make the impact non-lethal. Most boys were getting seriously injured, some lost their lives, but the survivors usually became leaders in the tribes.

Bungy jumping in Greece
Bumgy jumping from crane

Bungee jumping clubs in Greece

Liquid Bungee Team
Bungee jumping spots:

  1. Chalkida Bridge, 40 m high the oldest and the most famous bungee site in Greece
  2. Aradena Bridge in Chania, 138 m high – the highest bridge in Balkans
  3. Parnitha, 80 m high (from cable car)
  4. Monastiri Naousa, 50 m high (by crane)
  5. Rock Wave Festival in Athens 50 m high (by crane)
  6. Rethymno, Crete, 50 m high (from bridge)

Telephone: +30 18 317 117 Email: liquid@bungee.gr

Zulu Bungy Jump
Bungee jumping spot:

Isthmos – Corinth Channel, 100 m high (from bridge) – best to book in advance due to popularity
Telephone:+30 15 147 051 Email: info@zulubungy.com

Xdream Bungee
Bungee jumping spot:

Punda Beach Paros, Shape Club Halkidiki, 60 m high (by crane)
Telephone:+30 1 6998990
Email: xdreamteam@yahoo.com

Bungee Jumping Club
Bungee jumping spot:

Apollonos 5 Melissia, Athens, 40 m high (by crane)
Telephone: +30-93-2054000
Email: Bungee.jumping.club@mail.com

New World Bungy, Extreme Sports Co.
Bungee jumping spot:

Hersonissos, Starbeach, Crete, 65 m high (by crane)

Bungy jumping in Greece
Bungy jumping from crane

Bungee jumping spot:

Faliraki, Rhodes Aqrious Pool Bar, 250 feet (by crane)
Telephone: 01914211658 Email: k.midd@talk21.com

Spice up your holidays in Greece with a dosage of adrenaline!

Bungy jumping in Greece