Best Mountain Biking: Explore exciting trails in mountainous Greece

Mountain biking in Greece is becoming more and more popular by the year. The reason is simple: The wild mountain terrain in Greece is quite challenging for bike riders, and fun!

The Greatest Trails in Greece

Amazing Bike Trails in Crete

Route Suggestions in Rethymno Region

14 Mountain Biking Clubs in Greece

Mountain biking in Greece

The Greek wild mountain terrain offers great challenge to the bike riders. There are plenty of clubs in Greece that organize mountain biking excursions. The most popular Greek destinations for mountain biking is Crete, Lake Plastira in Thessaly, Zagoria in Epirus and Evrytania in Central Greece, as they are mountainous and offer nice cycling trails. These destinations are the most mountainous and they have awesome cycling paths. Mountain biking can be enjoyed anywhere in Greece, also in the Greek islands.

The greatest trails in Greece

Throughout Greece there are special trails for mountain biking. Even in Attica, around Athens, you will find some interesting routes for mountain biking, like in Varibobi, Parnitha, Dionisos and Penteli. Other great regions for mountain biking are in Evia, Karytaina Arcadia, Evrytania, Mani, Parnassos and Nafpaktos. In many regions in Greece mountain bike programs are offered throughout the year, covering all levels of difficulty.
Arriving at your travel destination in Greece you can get more information from the local cycling associations about the mountain biking routes in the area. Some private companies offer cycling tourism programs, from simple bicycle rides to mountain biking, providing you with all the necessary equipment.
You can get more information on the routes and mountain biking in general from local cycling associations. There are also private companies that offer cycling tourism programs, from a simple bicycle ride to mountain biking, which also provide participants with all the necessary equipment.

Amazing bike trails in Crete

In Crete you will find biking routes climbing high on Mount Psiloreitis or going deep down steep gorges like Kotsyfou and Kourtaliotiko to end in the south at isolated beautiful beaches. Follow the beautiful paths through olive groes, conquer difficult climbs and enjoy the view of the stunning landscapes at short breaks in traditional cafes and taverns. In the first village or the next. The island of Crete has routes for beginners and others for more experienced mountain bikers, narrow paved country roads or dirt roads.
Information about biking routes in Crete
In the list below you will find 22 routes with information about the path type and distance in kilometers. Download the brochure with all the cycling routes around Rethymno where you will find information about the villages on the routes as well as heights, distances, and recommended stops on your way.

Mountain biking in Greece

Route suggestions in Rethymno region

Rethymno – Mountros – Argyroupoli – Rethymno, 58 km. / Road Bicycle
Rethymno – Argyroupoli – Rethymno, 48 km. / Road Bicycle
Rethymno – Kastelos, 27 km. / Road Bicycle
Rethymno – Prases, 28 km. / Road & Mountain Bicycle
Rethymno – Karoti, 39 km. / Road Bicycle
Rethymno – Roustika – Bale, 56 km. / Road Bicycle
Argyroupoli – Myriokefala – Asi Gonia, 28 km. / Road & Mountain Bicycle
Rethymno – Arkadi, 47 km. / Road & Mountain Bicycle
Vrysina Route, 48 km. / Road & Mountain Bicycle
Rethymno – Plakias, 42 km. / Road & Mountain Bicycle
Plakias – Kotsifou & Kourtaliotiko Gorges, 37 km. / Road Bicycle
Tour of Plakias, 54 km. / Road & Mountain Bicycle
Tour of Kentros, 47 km. / Road & Mountain Bicycle
Tour of Amari, 71 km. / Road Bicycle
Rethymno – River Dam – Patsos, 30 km. / Road & Mountain Bicycle
Spili – Preveli, 39 km. / Road & Mountain Bicycle
Agia Galini – Triopetra, 58 km / Road & Mountain Bicycle
Panormo – Margarites – Bali, 66 km. / Road Bicycle
Rethymno – Melidoni, 64 km. / Road Bicycle
Platanias – Arkadi – Eleftherna, 53 km. / Road Bicycle
Rethymno – Vosakos Monastery, 47 km. / Road & Mountain Bicycle
Rethymno – Anogeia – Nida, 72 km. / Road Bicycle

14 Mountain Biking Clubs in Greece

Mountain biking in Greece