Tylissos – Minoan Sanctuary at the Stunning Foothills of Mt Psiloritis

Tylissos village is an ancient site where habitation still continues. Tylissos has kept its ancient name until today and the Cretans of today are direct descendants of the people living here 3000 years ago.

Tylissos is a town in Malevizi Municipality, in the region of Heraklio in Crete. It is an ancient Minoan peak sanctuary and town.

The Municipality of Tylisos was created in 1999 and includes 11 villages. The economy is based around agriculture, mainly grape and olive cultivation. At the same time stock farming of sheep, goats and chickens and beehive farms are abundant.

Ancient Tylissos in Crete, Greece
Ancient Tylissos in Crete

The history of ancient Tylissos

Ancient Tylissos was excavated three times in the last century. The ancient town was in use in Early Minoan II to Late Minoan IIIA, and the peak sanctuary, excavated in 1963 was in use until at least Late Minoan IA. Structures include houses, a cistern and an aqueduct with clay pipes. Excavation finds include a pithos with Linear A inscriptions, stone horns, and clay human and animal figurines.

Cave of Kamilari, Crete
Cave of Kamilari

Caves and canyons near Tylissos

The cave Kamilari is a cave of Mount Psiloritis. It is located just 200m from the 13th km of the old road connecting Heraklion with Rethymnon, near Tylissos, at an altitude of 267m; the cave is easily accessible. It is a very impressive cave because of the large size of the rooms, with large stalactites, stalagmites and coral-shaped columns. Findings in the cave, show that it has been used as a place of worship.

There are also a significant number of caves in the area including the Kamilari Cave, Hainospilios Cave, Doxa Cave, Trapeza Cave and Arkalospilios Cave.

You’ll find two gorges in the area, the Almiros Gorge and the Gonies Gorge.

Mount Psiloritis, east ridge, Crete, Greece
Mount Psiloritis, east ridge

Psiloritis Natural Park

Psiloritis Natural Park extends on the Psiloritis mountain and its northern foothills till the Cretan Sea. It has an area of 1100 km2. Administratively the park is split in to the prefectures of Rethymno and Heraklion.

The park aims to conserve the natural and cultural heritage of the Psiloritis area through promotional and educational activities, as well as sustainable development initiatives like geotourism and ecotourism.

Where to stay near Tylissos?

Agrotourism is also a very popular among visitors all year round. Arolithos village and Agrotikon are the most visited sites for this and other leisure activities.

Arolithos, Traditional Cretan Village
11th km of Old National Road, Heraklion, Crete 71500, Greece

Agrotikon Cottage
Damasta Maleviziou, Damasta, Crete 715 00, Greece

Young woman reading a book at the beach while the sun rise, Hersonissos, Crete Greece

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