Travel to Kato Koufonisi

At Koufonisi port, going to Kato Koufonisi by boatUntil the day when someone will make the first hotel on Lower Koufonisi, time will continue to flow in a slow rythm. The campers on Giannis’ field will continue to watch the boats pass by without disturbing the tranquility of the place.
Here everybody meet in Giannis’ and Sofias tavern, one of the best in the Cyclades. With smiles, wholeheartedly, everything is just fine in this tiny world of Kato Koufonisi. Show yourself from your best side and this world will make it up to you!

Captain Kostas Prasinos on one of his boatsCaptain Kostas Prasinos, the ferryman, will leave his passengers at Deti point (the only settlement on the island) just in time for lunch at Giannis’ and Sofias tavern.
Giannis leaves everyone to camp freely on his field, which is great, since by law free camping is prohibited. If you hit the walking trail you will end up in the great beach, Pezoulia – about 30 min. walk away.
The other bigger beach, Nero (Greek for water), provides shade with a few trees, like the second palm tree on the island.

Beach on Kato KoufonisiThe beautiful and quiet beaches on the east coast, the strange rocks and the feeling that nothing can disturb the peaceful atmosphere will captivate you on Kato Koufonisi for days.