Travel to Schoinoussa

Schoinoussa is yet another jewel of the Mikres (Smaller) Cyclades. It is located south of Naxos, between Koufonissia and Heraklia.

It has a total area of 8,5 km² in a polymeric shape with numerous bays and peninsulas.

The terrain has smooth slopes, low hills and small valleys. The tallest point of Schoinoussa is called Milos on the hill of Vardies with 133 m. The soil consist of slates, limestone and sandstone, it is rather fertile and therefore cultivated from one end to the other. Mersini, the port of Schoinoussa, is known to be one of the best shelters for small vessels in the Aegean Sea.

Mersini, the harbour of Schinousa, Mikres (Smaller) Cyclades
Mersini, the harbour of Schinousa

The other two settlements of the island are those of Chora (or Panagia) – to be found 1200m from the port, built on a small hill at the times of the pirate invasions and has a spectacular panoramic view, and the village Messaria. The climate is mild and fresh, without sudden changes, making you feel it’s summer all year round. The 206 residents are occupied with agriculture, fishing and tourism. Only a few metres from Schinoussa you’ll find the islet of Ofidoussa (or Fidou) and on its south side, Argilos, and to the southeast, Aspronisi.

Sunset over Schinoussa island

To see and do on Schinousa

The Folklore Museum of Schinoussa is to be found in Chora, where you will have the opportunity to admire traditional costumes, tools and utensils of ancient times.

The Three Mills: The first one is situated in the middle of the island, in the area of Vardies. The second is in Messaria and the third in Tsigouri.

Two caves: The Cave of Maniatis and Fishermen’s Cave. Both situated near the port.

Beaches of Schinoussa

Despite the fact that it’s a small island it is surrounded by various kinds of beaches.

Schoinoussa island, Smaller Cyclades, Greece
Schoinoussa island

Mersini: This picturesque beach at the port has a few trees and is well protected from the winds.

Tsigouri: The mosst cosmopolitan beach of the island. Golden sand, trees, clear waters and with a view to the peninsula of Ai Vasilis (Santa Clauses), Fidousa and Heraklia.

Livadi: The longest sandy beach with blue waters. Tall trees with real shade make this beach special.

Agios Vasilios: Is said to have the best beaches on the island, but access isn’t allowed, since the peninsula is private.

Alygaria, Gagavi and Kambos: Three small sandy bays in a row. Picturesque and beautiful, ideal for small groups of people.

Lioliou: Small but wide sandy beach with shallow waters, big trees with plenty of shade surrounded by rocks.

Bazeou: Not too shallow waters but with incredible colour. A small beach with a mixture of pebbles and sand only for a few.

Almyros: Two beaches, side by side, with sand and very clear shallow waters. Ideal for families. The northeastern wind brings a small wave, making this beach ideal for surfers as well.

Fontana: Small and quite.

Psili Ammos (meaning ‘fine sand’): Immaculate, undiscovered green-blue-water beach that reaches the top of the nearby hills.

Fykio: A small sandy beach with wild rocks. In the open there are reefs that give a beautiful green colour to the waters and make it ideal for underwater fishing.

Sifnaiko: A leeward bay on the southwest side of the island. The favourite destination for yachts.

Gerolimnionas: White sand with waters in all shades of blue and green. Though a difficult beach to reach, one of the best on the island.