Kythnos – Undiscovered getaway in the Aegean with amazing beaches

In the western part of the Cyclades archipelargos sits Kythnos, a beautiful mountainous island surrounded more than 70 stunning beaches, many of which are only reachable by boat.

Where is Kythnos Greece?

Map of Kythnos

Kythnos Beach Guide

Kythnos Best Beaches

Kythnos – Where to Stay?

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Thermal Springs in Kythnos

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Kythnos – What to See?

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Church of Keraleousa at Oria Castle, the byzantine fortified capital of Kythnos

No doubt about it. The wild natural landscape, the traditional architecture, and gorgeous beaches make Kythnos one of the most beautiful Greek islands. With its short distance to Athens, Kythnos is popular among Athenians for weekend getaways from the busy capital. And with its proximity to the islands of Serifos, Sifnos, and Kea Kythnos is perfect for island hopping, as well.

Kythnos has a coastline full of stunning beaches totally suitable for swimming and snorkeling, while the villages have a relaxed atmosphere and a traditional charm.

Where is Kythnos Greece?

Kythnos is one of the western Cyclades Islands situated between Kea and Serifos. It is 104 km from the harbour of Piraeus.

Map of Kythnos

Map of Cyclades Archipelagos
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View from the rock of the ancient fortress in Chora Andros, Andros island, Cyclades, Greece

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Kythnos Beach Guide

Kythnos has about 70 beaches in total all the around its beautiful coastline, many of which are accessible only by boat. The beaches of Kythnos are known for their natural beauty whether they are pebbled or sandy. They are all relaxing and ideal for swimming. The most famous of them is Kolona Kythnos which is a “double beach” – a long strip of sand with a bay at both sides.

Kythnos Best Beaches

Here you can get a quick overview of some of the most outstanding beaches in Kythnos:


  • Loutra beach – Sandy, family friendly, located 6 km north of Chora

Partly organized

  • Episkopi beach – Pebbled, located 5 km southwest of Chora
  • Agia Irini beach – Sandy, family friendly, located 6 km north of Chora


Apokrousi beach, Kythnos island, Cyclades, Greece
Apokrousi beach
  • Kolona beach – Sandy, secluded, located 6 km west of Chora
  • Apokrousi beach – Pebbled, located 4 km west of Chora
  • Gaidouromantra beach – Pebbled, secluded, located 22 km south of Chora
  • Kanala beach – Pebbled, located 17 km south of Chora
  • Agios Dimitrios beach – Pebbled, secluded, located 24 km south of Chora
  • Kalo Livadi beach – Pebbled, located 18 km southeast of Chora

Kythnos – where to stay?

Chora Kythnos (capital of the island) and the village of Driopida are charming with their traditional houses and narrow streets and alleys, but Loutra Kythnos and Merihas are the two villages with most hotels and tourist facilities. Strolling around the quaint villages of Kythnos you will enjoy the view of the whitewashed houses covered in flowers, the traditional taverns, and old windmills.

Kythnos – what to do?

Underwater life in Kolona double bay in Kythnos island

Kythnos is perfect for swimming, scuba diving, and hiking, but Loutra Kythnos is popular for its thermal springs, rich in iron ans sulfur. Kythnos thermal springs have several healing properties, so why not go for a free spa treatment.

Thermal springs in Kythnos

Thermal spas in Greece - photo by Haley Phelps

In modern times Kythnos took its second name, “Thermia”, from the hot springs, located in the picturesque cove of Loutra, on the northeast coast. The Baths which accommodate the unique thermal springs of the Cyclades have in recent years been developed for tourism, as well. There are two hot springs.

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Kythnos villages

The two settlements of greatest significance in Kythnos island are the village of Messaria or Kythnos, known locally as Chora, and the village of Dryopida, also known as Chorio. Both have winding and often stepped streets, too narrow for any vehicles. They are quite picturesque but each in its own architectural style. Chora has the more-typical flat roofs of the Cyclades, while Driopida’s rooftops are slanted and tiled.

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Kythnos – what to see?

Katafygi Cave, Dryopida, Kythnos, Greece
Katafygi Cave, Dryopida, Kythnos

Besides its many beaches and picturesque villages, Kythnos is also home to one of the largest caves in Greece, the Katafiki Cave in Dryopida. In the 1830s the cave was visited by the geologist Fiedler who described it as containing unique rock formations and speleothems. It was the site of the previous mentioned iron mine until 1939 which today has been developed into a tourist attraction.

Ancient history of Kythnos island

One of the oldest known habitations in the Cycladic islands, a Neolithic settlement (10000 BCE – 8000 BCE), has been found in Kythnos.

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Chora, Kythnos - Photo by S. Lambadaridis
Chora Kythnos@Sotiris Lambadaridis

Modern Kythnos

Traditionally the islanders of Kythnos mainly earned their living as they had always done as shepherds or fishermen. The island had only few natural resources and, lacking a deep-water mooring for boats, it was rather inaccessible.

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Sustainability in Kythnos

View of Merichas, the port of Kythnos, Greece
 View of Merichas, the port of Kythnos

The Greek tourism boom beginning in the mid-20th century did not affect Kythnos at all since its harbor lacked a deep-water dock for ferryboats. Today, the island is a modern, prosperous place, with growing tourism.

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Kythnos – How to get there?

The small church of Panagia Flampouriani in Kythnos

You will find a regular ferry connection between Kytnos and Athens, where ferries are departing from Piraeus as well as Lavrion, and the trip lasts around 3 hours. Kythnos and some of the other Cyclades islands are interconnected by ferry, for example nearby Kea, Serifos, Sifnos, and Milos.

Airports near Kythnos

Acropolis of Athens with the Parthenon temple on top of the hill, Athens Greece

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Kythnos island has no airport. The easiest way to reach Kythnos is by flying to Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”, which receives domestic as well as international flights all year round. Arriving in the airport of Athens it is easy to reach Lavrion port and embark on a ferry to Kythnos island.


Weather and climate in Kythnos

Average air and sea temperatures in Kythnos in °C

Like most of the islands in the Aegean Sea Kythnos has a pleasantly warm and sunny weather for most of the year. Due to the sometimes slightly strong winds during the summer months the temperatures are also quite bearably (meaning cooler). The most pleasant temperatures you will find during late spring/early summer in May and June or in autumn during September and October.