Travel to Lefkada – Unexplored Seascapes and Stunning Beaches

If you love the sea, and love activities by the sea, in the sea and under the surface of the sea, you will totally love Lefkada 
Lefkada is one of the most stunning Greek islands with superb beaches, high quality accommodation, great restaurants as well as breath-taking views.  
Lefkada is often referred to as the “Caribbean of Greece” for obvious reasons: Sugar white beaches, turquoise blue waters and a laid-back atmosphere under the sun. 

Travel to Lefkada, Greece - Egremni beach - photo by Guiseppe Dio
Egremni beach – photo by Guiseppe Dio

Where is Lefkada Greece? 

Lefkada island, from a satellite
Coordinates: 38°43′N 20°39′E 

Lefkada is situated in the heart of the Ionian Sea, connected with the mainland of Greece by a small bridge. Such easily accessed by car and boasting awesome natural landscapes and some of the most stunning beaches, Lefkada in Greece is the absolute dream travel destination for you who are into exotic islands. 

Lefkada map 

Map of the Ionian Islands Greece
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What does Lefkada mean? 

Lefkada is derived from the ancient name Leukas (meaning white, light). 

What is Lefkada famous for? 

Lefkada owes its fame to its extremely beautiful beaches! You probably have seen gorgeous photos of the iconic beaches of Lefkada – but believe it or not, photographs are inferior to reality. Go and see for yourself! The Lefkada beaches with their dramatic cliff backdrops, their white sand and turquoise blue waters will steel your heart! 

Travel to Lefkada, Greece - Porto Katsiki beach - photo by Valdemaras
Porto Katsiki beach – photo by Valdemaras

The most famous beaches of Lefkada are Porto Katsiki Beach, Milos Beach Lefkada, Egremni Beach and Kathisma Beach. If you prefer a more secluded beach go for Mylos, Kaminia and Kalamitsi, to relax in tranquility. 

Lefkada beaches – organized or not? 

Organized beaches in Lefkada 

Agiofyli Beach, Lefkada
Agiofili beach
  • Vassiliki beach – sandy, family friendly, diving club, windsurfing, 38 km south of Lefkada Town  
  • Agios Ioannis beach – sandy, family friendly, windsurfing, 3,5 km west of Lefkada Town  
  • Agiofili beach – pebbled, family friendly, 40,5 km south of Lefkada Town 
  • Poros Mikros Gialos beach – pebbled, family friendly, 31 km south of Lefkada Town 
  • Nidri beach – pebbled, harbour, water sports, 17 km south of Lefkada Town 
  • Amousa beach – pebbled, family friendly,37 km south of Lefkada Town 

Partly organized beaches in Lefkada 

Travel to Lefkada, Greece - Egremni beach - photo by Guiseppe Dio
Egremni beach – photo by Guiseppe Dio
  • Porto Katsiki beach – pebbled, family friendly, 44 km south west of Lefkada Town 
  • Egremni beach – pebbled, family friendly, 38 km south west of Lefkada Town 
  • Kathisma beach – sandy, family friendly, 17 km south west of Lefkada Town 
  • Agios Nikitas beach – pebbled, family friendly, 13 km south west of Lefkada Town 
  • Nikiana beach – pebbled, family friendly, diving club, 10 km south of Lefkada Town 
  • Desimi Beach Vlichos beach – pebbled, family friendly, 23,5 km south of Lefkada Town 
  • Gialos beach – sandy, family friendly, nudism friendly, 37 km south west of Lefkada Town 
  • Megali Petra beach – pebbled, 24,3 km south west of Lefkada Town 
  • Pefkoulia beach – sandy, family friendly, 10 km south west of Lefkada Town 

Non organized beaches in Lefkada 

Kalamitsi Beach in Lefkada island, Greece
Kalamitsi beach
  • Milos beach – pebbled, secluded, nudism friendly, 14,5 km south west of Lefkada Town 
  • Kalamitsi beach – pebbled, family friendly, nudism friendly, 29 km west of Lefkada Town 
  • Tsoukalades beach – sandy, family friendly, 10 km south west of Lefkada Town 
  • Kaminia beach – pebbled, secluded, 9 km west of Lefkada Town 
  • Lagouna beach – pebbled, secluded, 24 km west of Lefkada Town 
  • Skala Gialou beach – pebbled, 9 km west of Lefkada Town 
Travel to Lefkada, Greece - Milos beach - photo by Nemanja
Milos beach

 Lefkada – what to do? 

Travel to Lefkada, Greece - View of Syvota - photo by Guiseppe Dio
Syvota – photo by Guiseppe Dio

One of the best things to do in Lefkada is of course water sports. Scuba diving, windsurfing, kitesurfing and any kind of beach-related activity is an absolute must in Lefkada. In the marinas and on organized beaches you can charter or rent a boat to sail in the closed sea to the little islets around Lefkada, such as the tiny islet of Scorpios. Scorpios – originally owned by Aristotle Onassis, is set in a sheltered location between Lefkada, Meganissi and the Greek mainland.  

Travel to Lefkada, Greece - Cape Dukato - photo by Nikos Kavvadas


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Lefkada – what to see? 

Rachi waterfalls near Nidri on Lefkada
Rachi waterfalls near Nidri

If you need a day or two in the shades, away from the blasting sun on the white beaches, Lefkada hides the most picturesque seaside villages, like Nidri Lefkada and Agios Nikitas Lefkada, absolutely worth a visit with delicious food and various activities. Stroll around the narrow alleys of Lefkada Town, have lunch at one of the traditional taverns to taste the local cuisine, visit the Venetian castle Agia Mavra, the museums and the 18th century churches and get to know the culture of the Ionian Islands. Going on day trips around the island you will discover the charming villages of Lefkada, the beautiful Dimosari waterfalls, the lighthouse of Cape Lefkada, the Faneromeni monastery, loved for its beautiful sunsets, and the Melissa Gorge. 

Lefkas Town, Lefkada
Lefkas Town

Museums in Lefkada

The Archaeological Museum: Housed in the Municipal Cultural Centre of Lefkas (Lefkada), the majority of the exhibits cover the period from Palaeolithic times up to and including later Roman times. The German archaeologist, Wilhelm Dorpfeld, was responsible for most of these exhibits, found during his excavations in the early 20th century on the island. His theory was that Lefkas (Lefkada) was in fact Homer’s Ithaca, and he developed his theory with methods that set a new standard in archaeology. The museum has exhibits of tools, ceramic and copper jewellery found in ancient tombs.
During the summer months the Museum is open Tuesday to Sunday, 08.30 – 15.00. Closed Mondays. Admission free.

The Folklore Museum of Music & Literature: This museum of Lefkas (Lefkada) was founded in 1937 and includes many significant and rare exhibits including a rich collection of objects from the everyday agriculatural and urban life of the local people. These include old traditional costumes, dolls, household utensils, and an olive press. One room has been furnished as a reconstruction of a typical room in a local house.

The Museum of Gramophones: This is near the old town of Lefkas and is a small private museum exhibiting, as its name suggests, a collection of phonographs and gramophones and various other objects relating to the everyday life of the islanders. Records, coins, stamps, embroideries, photographs and traditional musical instruments are some of the items exhibited.

Lefkada – how to get there? 

Floating bridge to Lefkada
Floating bridge to Lefkada

The most convenient way to reach Lefkada is by car or bus, since Lefkada is linked to the Greek mainland with a bridge. This is also why there is no ferry connection between Lefkada and the mainland. You can reach Lefkada by ferry only from Ithaca, Kefalonia and Meganisi. You can arrive by ferry either to the port of Nidri or of Vasiliki. From Vasiliki there is a twice a day connection to Fiskardo and from Nidri boats run once a day to both Fiskardo on Kefallonia and to Frikes on Ithaca. It takes about 1hr to get from Vasiliki to Fiskardo and 2hrs from Nidri to Fiskardo. From the ports to your destination you can take a taxi or rent a car. Another way to reach Lefkada is by intercity bus from Athens, which will take you about 5 hours. You can visit for further information on bus schedules and routes.

Port of Preveza
Preveza habour

The island of Lefkada has no airport. The nearest one is Aktion National Airport in Preveza, a beautiful seaside town on the Greek mainland in Epirus. Aktion National Airport receives flights from Corfu and Zakynthos all year round. During summer you can fly to Preveza from many locations around Europe. Please notice that no flights are carried out between Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos” and Aktion National Airport. It is easy to reach Lefkada from Preveza by bus or taxi. 
Our suggestion: A direct charter flight to Preveza and then a bus (approx. 20 minutes) would be the most convenient solution.

How big is Lefkada? 

Travel to Lefkada, Greece - Nidri and islets
Nidri and islets – Photo by Guiseppe Dio

Lefkada is 35 km long and 15 km wide. Its highest point is Mount Stavrota, 1158 m high situated at the centre of the island. The east coast of the island has small villages (Lygia, Nikiana and Perigiali), all north of Nidri, the largest town on the island. 

How to get around Lefkada? 

The main coastal road from Lefkada to Vasiliki runs through the village, although a bypass has now been completed which skirts the village to the west. There are regular car ferries to Kefalonia, Ithaca and Meganisi. 

Travel to Lefkada, Greece - View of Nidri habour - photo by Guiseppe Dio
View of Nidri habour – photo by Guiseppe Dio

Island hopping from Lefkada 

20 km south of Nidri is the seaside town of Vasiliki, a windsurfing centre. There are ferries to Kefalonia and Ithaca from Vasiliki. South of Vasiliki is Cape Lefkada, where the Greek female poet Sappho allegedly leapt to her death from the 30 m high cliffs. The famous beach of Porto Katsiki is located on the west coast of Lefkada. Lefkada was originally attached to mainland Greece. The Corinthians dug a trench in the 7th century BC on its isthmus. 

Weather and climate in Lefkada? 

Travel to Lefkada, Greece - Sun, sea and clouds

Like all the other Ionian Islands Lefkada has a typical Mediterranean climate, characterized by hot and sunny summers and mild winters with a great deal of rainfalls. The climate of Lefkada differs from that of the other Ionian Islands with its thermal winds which get rather strong in some parts of the island. Therefore, Lefkada is famous among windsurfers and kitesurfers.  

Average air and sea temperature in Lefkada in °C

Activities in Lefkada

In Lefkada all activities involving wind and water are bound to be a success. In a great crystal-clear blue sea and hot thermal winds during the summer months the island of Lefkada is perfect for windsurfing, kitesurfing, paragliding, scuba diving as well as sailing among the beautiful islets.

Windsurfing and kitesurfing

Kitesurfing and windsurfing in Greece

Windsurfing and kitesurfing are two of the most popular watersports, and the island of Lefkada is one of the most visited destinations in Greece for this. Each year the island attracts huge numbers of visitors and watersports enthusiasts who wish to enjoy the perfect conditions for both windsurfing and kite surfing.
One of the best spots on Lefkada for windsurfing and kitesurfing is the famous and very beautiful beach of Agios Ioannis – Frini. This beach offers perfect conditions for water sports here in Lefkada, as well as being one with exceptionally clean waters and impressive scenery.
The thermal winds that blow here during the summer months create the perfect conditions for wind and kitesurfing, and you can watch this amazing spectacle from the beach as you marvel at the colourful surf boards and kites.

Diving in Lefkada

Diving in Zakynthos, Zante, Greece

Clear water, teeming marine life, caves and shipwrecks attract thousands of scuba divers to Greek waters each year. Until recently diving was limited to just a few dive sites to protect the many ancient underwater treasures.
Now restrictions have been lifted and many new areas have been opened up for scuba diving. Scuba diving is now allowed in all Greek seas, except where specific prohibitions apply. In response, there has been a sharp rise in Greek diving centres. See links to local diving centres below.

Birdwatching in Lefkada

The two lagoons of Lefkada form unique wildlife sanctuaries for immigrant birds. The birds find a safe shelter inside the rushes, covering almost every part of the ground inside and around the lagoons.
The gulls use the lagoons as a permanent shelter all year round. Loufas, Kormorants, Herons, Swans and many other small birds and fowls frequent as well.
In the highlands of Lefkada can be found Hares, Foxes, Ferrets, Partridges, and an array of other birds; Blackbirds, Thrushes, Sparrow hawks, Woodcocks, Crows, Wild pigeons, Larks, Greenfinches, Magpies, Swallows, Wagtails and the famous Greek Hoopoe.

Sailing around Lefkada

Sailing in Greece

Ideal for sailing holidays, Lefkas is home to two international sailing centres where you can hire dinghies and drift around the coastline. If you are experienced enough you can hire a yacht or hire a yacht with a skipper and spend the day exploring the coastline and neighbouring islands.

Dolphins around the island of Kalamos

Dolphins in Greece

A relatively stable presence of bottlenose dolphins was observed in the waters surrounding the island of Kalamos. About 25 animals have shown high levels of site fidelity over the past decade, while others use the area only occasionally. Their flexible feeding habits and opportunistic behaviour may allow them to withstand the effects of overfishing and habitat degradation, but they survive at low densities. In recent years, at least some members of the bottlenose dolphin community living around Kalamos seem to have progressively specialized in foraging around coastal fish farms. They often visit the area around the cages and possibly feed on mullets and other prey attracted by the locally productive area and by the pellets thrown at sea to feed the caged seabreams. No damage to fish farms has beed reported. Coordinates: 38°37′N 20°55′E

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