Fourni and Thymaina islands – Archipelago of the Corsican pirates

Fourni and Thymaina are tiny islands part of a picturesque small archipelago hidden far away from Athens and the Greek mainland, just south of Samos and Ikaria in the Eastern part of the Aegean Sea. This incredibly beautiful, secluded paradise is simply perfect for an alternative holiday in nature. For hikers, free campers, and naturists this is love at first sight.

  1. Fourni island – perfect for island-hopping
  2. Things to do in Fourni
  3. Things to See in Fourni
  4. Fourni Beach Guide
  5. Weather and Climate in Fourni Archipelago
  6. Fourni island – how to get there?
  7. Where is Fourni Korseon Greece?
  8. The Islet of Thymaina

Fourni island is the biggest in the island complex and Fourni main town is the centre of all activities. Don’t get me wrong, there are only few organized activities in Fourni, which is still untouched by mass tourism. Dotted with picturesque villages, like Kamari, Thimena and Chrissomilia it has its own unspoiled charm, and the beach next to the main town of Fourni is perfect for an evening plunge and a romantic sunset walk along the promenade. Fourni town is the capital of the island and where you will find the port.

Fourni island – perfect for island-hopping

When staying in Fourni Island, do not miss a daytrip to nearby Samos. From Agios Kirikos in Ikaria Island you will find boats sailing daily to Pythagorion in Samos.

Things to do in Fourni

Street in Thymaina village in Fourni Korseon

For you who seek seclusion and relaxation Fourni is perfect. Be prepared for only few tourist facilities, swimming and hiking are the two main activities to do in Fourni island Greece. The beaches in Fourni are non-organized but incredibly beautiful. You can reach some of them on foot from Fourni Town, while the ones further away can be reached by the small island bus. The most secluded islands are the favourites of campers and naturists. Fourni and Thymaina are perfect for a holiday in the middle of an untouched nature, far away from the crowds.

Things to see in Fourni

  • Kambi village has maintained the architectural heritage of Fourni with traditional houses, cobblestone alleys and mulberry trees set around the quaint natural harbour. A must-visit with its old windmills and colourful boats.
  • Acropolis – During works at Ai Giorgis Hill an ancient Acropolis-fortress like the one in Drakanon, Ikaria was revealed. You will find it above Fourni Town.
  • Sarcophagus – In the square of Fourni Town is the Roman sarcophagus. It is 1.10 m tall, 1.10 m wide and 2.38 m long with a relief decoration of circles.
  • Ancient quarry – In a small gulf called Petrokopio you will find the ancient marble quarry of Fourni.

Fourni Beach Guide

  • Psili Ammos Beach – Secluded, sandy, nudism friendly, located 2 km north of Fourni Town
  • Kassidi Beach – Secluded, sandy, nudism friendly, located 6 km east of Fourni Town
  • Chrissomilia Beach – Secluded, pebbled, located 15 km northeast of Fourni Town
  • Kambi Beach – Pebbled, located 1 km south of Fourni Town
  • Petrokopio Beach – Secluded, pebbled, nudism friendly, located 4 km south of Fourni Town
  • Agia Triada Beach – Secluded, pebbled, located 13 km northeast of Fourni Town
  • Bali Beach – Secluded, pebbled, located 5 km northeast of Fourni Town
  • Ellidaki Beach – Secluded, pebbled, nudism friendly, located 4 km south of Fourni Town
  • Vlihada Beach – Secluded, pebbled, nudism friendly, located 8 km south of Fourni Town
  • Kamari Beach – Secluded, pebbled, nudism friendly, located 10 km northeast of Fourni Town

Weather and climate in Fourni archipelago

Spring flowers on Fourni island and view of Thymaina island early in the morning
Average air and sea temperature in Fourni in °C

The climate in Fourni archipelago is dry and hot during summers. Winters are rather mild with an average rainfall, and strong archipelagic winds prevailing constantly.
Communication is often interrupted during the winter period (mostly from November to April) due to bad weather, mainly strong winds. The rest of the year ferries arrive regularly from Ikaria and Samos. The best period of the year to visit Fourni island is from May to September, when the weather is hot. Temperatures can reach 40 °C. During July and August, fortunately the Meltemia winds are blowing in the evening, cooling the atmosphere to a comfortable level. The downside of the Meltemia are the waves at sea.

Fourni island – how to get there?

Traditional fishing boat at the beach near Agios Ioannis, Thermastis village on Fourni island

Flights near Fourni
Fourni island has no airport. The nearest airports you will find in Samos and Ikaria. From there you can catch the boat for Fourni. Samos International Airport “Aristarchos” is working all year-round receiving flights from Athens, Thessaloniki, Chios, Lesbos, Lemnos, Rhodes as well as charter flights from several European countries. From Athens and Thessaloniki to Samos, the flight lasts about an hour. Arriving at Samos international airport you can use public transportation or a taxi for the transfer to the port 4 km away. If you choose to fly to Ikaria Island International Airport from Athens, Thessaloniki, or Lemnos the flight duration is approx. one hour. The airport is located around 10 km away from Agios Kirikos, so here you will also need to use public transportation or a taxi to reach the port and the boat for Fourni.
Ferries to Fourni depart from Piraeus port in Athens 3 times per week and the ferry ride lasts 9 hours. If you choose to travel to Fourni from Samos and Ikaria the trip lasts one hour.

Where is Fourni Korseon Greece?

Fournoi Korseon, more commonly called Fourni, is a complex or archipelago of small Greek islands situated between Ikaria, Samos in the North Aegean Sea. The two largest islands of the complex, the main isle of Fourni and the isle of Thymaina, are inhabited, as is Agios Minas Island to the east.

Map of Ikaria, Greece
Click to enlarge map – Coordinates: 37°34′N 26°30′E

Many of the locals are fishermen, although during the summer season the population is also occupied in tourist activities, mostly room rentals and catering. The main island of Fournoi has a population of around 1,300 and over 90 % of the population in Fourni Korseon archipelago. The only other inhabited islands are Agios Minas, and Thymaina.

Church on Fourni island next to the main town with view of Thymaina island at dusk

The islet of Thymaina

Thymaina is located just west of Fournoi Korseon. Its name is said to be derived from the thyme that grows throughout the island. The population of Thymaina is 140 inhabitants, and the area is 10 km².