Aegina – Small and Beautiful with Great Temples of Athena, Apollo, and Zeus

Aegina is yet another Saronic beauty just a quick ferry ride away from Athens, situated near Poros and Agistri. It is one of the most popular islands for quick getaways. With ferries departing from Piraeus port you can arrive in Aegina in less than an hour.

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Organized Beaches and Secluded Coves

Where is Aegina Greece?

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Sightseeing in Aegina

Things to do in Aegina

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Travel to Aegina, Saronic Islands, Greece - Temple of Apollo
Photographed from the Temple of Apollo, Aegina

Picturesque seaside resorts with laid-back style

The capital of Aegina is called Aegina Town is situated on the western side of the island, in conjunction with the main port. In this cozy little town, you will find many restaurants, traditional taverns, cafes, and shops, first at the lively and colourful seaside. The most popular seaside resort in Aegina is Agia Marina, while Souvala, Vagia, Perdika, and Marathon are more secluded and quieter.

Organized beaches and secluded coves

The organized beaches in Aegina are only few, but they are extremely beautiful. Around most of them you will find hotels, seaside taverns as well as beach bars, like at Souvala Beach, Agia Marina Beach, and Marathon Beach. If you prefer the secluded beaches you will find many along the coastline of Aegina.

Where is Aegina Greece?

Aegina is one of the Saronic islands in the Saronic Gulf, 27 km from Athens. Aegina is roughly triangular, approximately 15 km from east to west and 10 km from north to south, with an area of about 87 km2.

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Map of the Saronic Sea

Map of the Argo Saronic Gulf in Greece
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Sightseeing in Aegina

In Aegina one of the most popular things to do is sightseeing. The Temple of Athena Aphaia is a must see. Apart from this important temple there are also the Temple of Apollo and the Temple of Ellanios Zeus. Are you into ancient myths? Then Aegina will surprise you!

Aegina, Afaia Temple, Saronic Gulf, Greece - Photo by Alexander Grishin
Afaia Temple – Photo by Alexander Grishin
  • Temple of Athena Aphaia – Doric temple built around 420 B.C. dedicated to goddess Athena. A funny little “detail” is the fact that this temple in Aegina forms an isosceles triangle together with the temple of Parthenon in Athens and the temple of Poseidon in Sounion.
  • Temple of Apollo – dedicated to Apollo, this temple is often referred to as Kolona, because only a single column is standing there today. In walking distance from Aegina port.
  • Moni Islet – situated opposite the village of Perdika with some nice beaches. The islet is not inhabited, and small excursion boats connect Perdika with Moni during the summer months.
  • The Archaeological Museum was founded in 1829 and was the first museum to be established by the modern Greek state. It is located near the site of Kolona and hosts a collection of artifacts from the Temple of Aphaia, Neolithic pots and a statue from the Temple of Apollo.
  • The Monastery of Agios Nektarios was established by the saint himself in 1904. He was an Orthodox bishop who lived in his monastery from 1908 to 1920. The Monastery of Agios Nektarios is considered an important religious center today in Greece.
  • The Tower of Markellos is considered a landmark of Aegina since it has a great historical importance. You cannot miss it, standing near the center of the main town of Aegina with its pink colour and Venetian architectural style.
  • The Folklore Museum of Aegina houses rare manuscripts, traditional costumes, furniture, maps, and a collection of books. You will find it in the center of Aegina Town. Cultural events are taking place in the yard of the museum.
  • The House of Nikos Kanzantzakis, the renowned Greek writer and philosopher, is situated in the beautiful area of Livadi, 2 km north of Aegina Town. Nikos Kanzantzakis stayed in Aegina for long periods of his life, especially during the German occupation.
  • The Christos Kapralos Museum used to be the workshop of the famous sculptor. It is to be found in the neighborhood of Plakakia in Aegina Town, not far from the house of Nikos Kazantzakis. Today it hosts some pieces of Christos Kapralos’ work.
  • Wildlife Hospital – this rehabilitation center for wild animals opened in 1984 and is an interesting experience. You will find it close to Pahia Rahi village, where many volunteers are working the the summer months.
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Things to do in Aegina

Aegina harbour, Saronic Gulf, Greece - Photo by Skeeze
Aegina harbour – Photo by Skeeze

Sailing trips from Aegina

Apart from sightseeing, Aegina is perfect for sailing. Maybe you even should take a sailing course in the quiet waters of the Saronic Gulf where the islands lie close to each other and the next port is just a few hours away.

Yoga sessions in Aegina

If you really want to wind down and relax you can even do some yoga in Aegina. Go get a session in one of the yoga centers in Aegina.

Shopping in Aegina

With many great little shops, Aegina offers anything from souvenirs and clothes to fine jewelry and art galleries. In the port of Aegina Town, you can buy goods straight from little shop-boats in the port where they sell their fish, fresh vegetables, and fruits every morning. Also, in the resorts of Souvala and Agia Marina you can shop souvenirs and accessories.

Swimming from beaches in Aegina

Last, but not least, in Aegina you can always hit for the beach, there are plenty of them and the sea is clean, blue, and crystal-clear.

Aegina Beach Guide

Aerial view of the beautiful beach of Moni island next to the village Perdika on Aegina island with turquoise sea in the Saronic Gulf, Greece
Aerial view of the beautiful beach of Moni island next to the village Perdika on Aegina island with turquoise sea in the Saronic Gulf

The organized beaches in Aegina have all kinds of facilities like watersports, hotels and taverns. You can, though, also find more secluded and non-organized beaches along the coastline of Aegina.

Aegina Best Beaches

Organized beach

  • Agia Marina Beach – Sandy, family friendly, watersports, located 12 km east of Aegina Town

Partly organized beaches

  • Souvala Beach – Sandy, family friendly, located 9 km northeast of Aegina Town
  • Marathon Beach – Sandy, family friendly, located 5 km southeast of Aegina Town
  • Perdika Beach – Sandy, family friendly, located 10 km southeast of Aegina Town
Aegina seascape, Saronic Gulf, Greece - Photo by Emily Karakis
Aegina seascape – Photo by Emily Karakis

Aegina – How to get there?

You can easily get to Aegina from the moment you set feet on the Greek ground. There is no airport on the island, the nearest one is Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”. You need to reach Piraeus port and embark on the ferry to Aegina. Ferries depart from Piraeus daily, almost every hour. You can take a cab from the airport or use the subway which goes all the way from the airport to Piraeus port. The boat trip to Aegina lasts from 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the vessel.

Aegina port, Saronic Gulf, Greece - Photo by M. Chatzi
Aegina port – Photo by M. Chatzi

Weather and climate in Aegina

Average air and sea temperature in Aegina in °C.

In the heart of the Saronic Gulf Aegina is quite protected from the strong “Meltemia” winds in the Cyclades islands. The climate is typically Mediterranean with mild winters and hot, dry summers. The most perfect seasons for visiting Aegina is in springtime when the island is covered with a lush vegetation and the temperatures are most pleasant. Autumn is also a great season with sunny days, clear weather, and mild temperatures. Especially sightseeing at the ancient temples is most pleasant during the spring and autumn months.

Facts about Aegina

Sunset in Aegina port, Saronic Gulf, Greece - Photo by Skeeze
Sunset in Aegina port – Photo by Skeeze

An extinct volcano constitutes two thirds of Aegina.

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History of Aegina

Tradition derives the name from Aegina, the mother of Aeacus, who was born in and ruled the island. During ancient times, Aegina was a rival to Athens, the great sea power of the era.

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