Poros Island and the Beautiful Love Bay in the Saronic Gulf

Just off the coast of Peloponnese sits Poros in the heart of the Saronic Gulf, close to Aegina and Agistri. Like the rest of the Saronic islands it is popular for weekend getaways from Athens. The ferry ride from Athens to Poros lasts only an hour and transfers you from the busy city life to the serene island atmosphere.

The Stunning Landscape of Poros

The Clock Tower – the Trademark of Poros

Poros Beach Guide

Poros Best Beaches

Poros – What to See?

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Climate and Weather in Poros

Poros – How to Get There?

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Map of the Saronic Gulf

Facts about Poros

Poros port, Poros island, Saronic Gulf, Greece
Poros port

Poros Town is the center of Poros island. It is built on the slopes of a hill overlooking the blue Aegean Sea and Galatas on the coast of Peloponnese. Along the seafront promenade and in the alleys of the picturesque town you will find great hotels, restaurants, taverns, and cafés as well as shops and boutiques. Just 1 hour’s ferry trip from Piraeus it is easy to reach, and perfect for a few days’ relaxation. Poros is, with its proximity to the other Saronic islands the perfect start of your island-hopping holiday in Greece. Start your ultimate Saronic discovery in Poros island with stops at Hydra, Aegina, and Agistri.

The stunning landscape of Poros

Mountains of Poros island, Saronic Gulf, Greece
Mountains of Poros island

Poros is an island with rich vegetation, picturesque villages and stunning beaches hidden in little coves. Much of the northern and far eastern/western sides of Poros are bushy, whereas large areas of old pine forest are found in the south and center of the island. It has a good road network and adequate tourist infrastructure, which makes it a popular resort for short holidays.

The Clock Tower – the trademark of Poros

As you approach Poros harbour by ferry, you will notice the trademark of the island, the Clock Tower of Poros. The charming capital is built on a hillside and it is the absolute center of the island, where all visitors enjoy delicious dishes at the traditional taverns and restaurants at the waterfront as the sun goes down over the stunning landscape in the Aegean Sea.

Corinth Channel, seen from the bridge above, Greece

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Poros Beach Guide

Bay of Love in Poros island, Saronic Gulf, Greece
Bay of Love in Poros

Poros has plenty of beautiful beaches, both sandy as well as pebbled. Their main asset is not the quantity but their quality! They all have crystal clear water and trees all the way to the waterline. You will find that most beaches in Poros are well organized with watersport centers, hotels, beach bars and taverns. Hidden in tiny coves surrounded by green vegetation the beaches in Poros are easily accessible either by car, bus, or little boats from Poros port. The most famous beaches are Love Bay, Askeli, and Neorio, but if you prefer privacy you can find secluded beaches along the coastline.

Poros Best Beaches

Monastery beach in Poros island, Saronic Gulf Greece
Monastery beach

Organized beaches

  • Love Bay Beach – Sandy, family friendly, located 4 km northwest of Poros Town
  • Askeli Beach – Sandy, family friendly, watersports, located 3 km east of Poros Town
  • Monastiri Beach – Sandy, family friendly, located 5 km northeast of Poros Town

Partly organized beaches

Micros Poros beach on a summer day, Saronic Gulf Greece
Mikro Neorio beach
  • Megalo Neorio Beach – Sandy, family friendly, located 3 km northwest of Poros Town
  • Mikro Neorio Beach – Sandy, family friendly, located 2 km north of Poros Town
  • Russian Bay Beach – Sandy, family friendly, located 5 km northwest of Poros Town
  • Kanali Beach – Sandy, family friendly, located 2 km north of Poros Town

Non-organized beaches

  • Panagitsa Beach – Pebbled, located 4 km north of Poros Town
  • Vayionia Beach – Sandy, secluded, located 10 km north of Poros Town
  • Kalavira Beach – located 10 km north of Poros Town

Poros – What to see?

Poros Town, Poros, Saronic Gulf, Greece
Poros Town
  • The Temple of Poseidon stands in the center of Poros in Vayionia with just a few remains of the ancient temple. In ancient times it was of great importance as the center of a league of powerful local city-states.
  • The Archaeological Museum of Poros houses findings from the temple of Poseidon as well as from neighboring areas of Peloponnese (Methana, Galatas, and Ancient Troezen). You will find it in Korizi Square near the port.
  • Russian Dockyard – in the Russian Bay you will find the remains of the building of the Russian Dockyard, which was in use in the early 19th century.
  • Lemon Forest – Here you can see a wide range of lemon trees, and in between the trees there are picturesque watermills and tiny houses.
  • The Clock Tower of Poros Town is an imposing figure, standing on the highest spot in town with a great sea view.
  • The Monastery of Zoodohou Pigis is dedicated to Virgin Mary, standing in a green forest. At the yard of the monastery you will find the tombs of famous Greek fighters of the Revolution.
  • The Chapel of Panagitsa is a small church at the one end of Askeli Beach, also dedicated to Virgin Mary. Set in white and blue it is a pretty chapel and during the summer months it is open to visitors.

Things to do in Poros

Sailing in Greece
  • Hiking around the island
  • Watersports
  • Sailing around the island
  • Workshops
  • Open-air cinema
  • Shopping

Climate and weather in Poros

Sunset above Poros island in the Saronic Gulf Greece
Sunset above Poros island
Average air and sea temperatures in Poros °C

Poros has, along with all the rest of southern Greece a warm, Mediterranean climate with sunshine all year round. The summer in Poros island is not as hot as in other places in Greece, the temperatures never rise above 30°C. During the winter season you will experience only little rainfall, and with a constant northern breeze the horizon is always clear.

Poros – How to get there?

Drone view of Poros Clock Tower in the old town, Saronic Gulf Greece
View of Poros Clock Tower in the old town

Ferries and hydrofoils are frequently departing for Poros from Piraeus port in Athens. The hydrofoil is much faster, it can take you there within an hour, but if you want to bring a car or motorbike, you will have to use the ferry. It will take you to Poros in 3 hours. Except from Athens, Poros has a ferry connection to some of the other islands in the Saronic Gulf, for example Aegina and Spetses.

Flights near Poros

The nearest airport to Poros island is Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”. Arriving at the airport of Athens, you can either go to Piraeus port (you can travel by the subway all the way) and embark on the ferry or hydrofoil for Poros. Or you can rent a car in the airport, which is an excellent idea for your sightseeing trips.

Acropolis of Athens with the Parthenon temple on top of the hill, Athens Greece

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Map of the Saronic Gulf

Map of the Argo Saronic Gulf in Greece
Map of the Saronic Gulf and Poros island – Click to enlarge map

Facts about Poros

Poros is a small island-pair in the southern part of the Saronic Gulf, at a distance about 58 km (31 nautical miles) south of Piraeus and separated from Peloponnese by a 200-metre wide sea channel, with the town of Galates on the mainland across the strait. Its surface is about 31 km2 (12 square miles) and it has around 4,000 inhabitants. The town of Poros has most of these inhabitants.
Poros consists of two islands: Sphairia, the southern part, which is of volcanic origin, where today’s city is located, and Kalaureia, also Calauria (meaning ‘gentle breeze’), the northern and largest part. A bridge connects the two islands over a narrow isthmus.