Skyros – Secluded, Stunning, and Serene in the Sporades Archipelago

Skyros is the least known of the Sporades islands, but it is absolutely beautiful! This rather big island is untouched by international tourism and it has kept its traditions and unique character.

Why Visit Skyros?

Where is Skyros Greece?

Map of the Sporades Islands

Skyros – How to get there?

Skyros – What to do?

Skyros – Things to see

Skyros Beach Guide

Weather and Climate in Skyros

Why visit Skyros?

Skyros is heaven on Earth if you love relaxation and tranquillity. With secluded beaches, a big network of gorgeous hiking trails, as well as traditional architecture Skyros is a stunning beauty. Being part of the Sporades archipelago Skyros is a good base for island hopping to nearby Alonissos, Skopelos, Skiathos, and Evia.

View of Chora in Skyros island, Greece
View of Chora in Skyros

Chora, nestled on the slopes of a hill, is the capital of Skyros and one of the quaintest villages on the island. It has a stunning view to the Aegean Sea, narrow alleys for exploration and a Medieval castle sitting on top of the hill. Chora is the perfect place for relaxing, strolling around and enjoying a drink a drink at sunset. In Chora you will find most of the hotels in Skyros. You can reach Skyros by ferry from Kimi port in Evia or from Skopelos and Alonissos during the summer months.

Where is Skyros Greece?

View of Molos village from Chora in Skyros island, Sporades Greece
View of Molos village from Chora

Skyros is a Greek island in the Sporades archipelago in the Aegean Sea. With 209 km2 it is the largest of the Sporades island. It has a population of around 3,000 inhabitants.

Map of the Sporades islands

Map of Evia, Pelion and Sporades islands
Click to enlarge map – Coordinates: 38°54′00″N 24°31′00″E

Skyros – How to get there?

The easiest way to reach Skyros is by flying from Athens or Thessaloniki from where Skyros Island National Airport receives domestic flights. The flight duration from Athens to Skyros is approx. 40 min. Arriving at Skyros airport you should take a taxi to your hotel, since the airport is located 17 km from Skyros Town. You will find a taxi stand at the entrance of the airport.
You can also reach Skyros by ferry. Ferries depart about 2-3 times per day for Skyros from Kymi, a small port on the eastern shore of Evia island. The travel duration is about one hour and a half. Find further information about routes, tickets, and timetables at Skyros Shipping Company (SNE). If you arrive in Greece from Athens you will have to reach Halkida by bus (KTEL) and then to take another bus from there to Kymi. During the summer season Skyros is interconnected by ferry with Alonissos and Skopelos as well.

View from the castle in Skyros island, Greece
View from the castle in Skyros
The famous small church of Agios Ioannis, where the wedding scenes of Mamma Mia were filmed in the islet of Kastri, 7 km east of Glossa, Skopelos, Sporades Greece


Skyros – What to do?

Scuba diving

Diving in Zakynthos, Zante, Greece

Skyros is a great place for diving. At Acherounes Bay you will find the Gorgonia Diving centre. They offer more than 13 diving courses, like digital underwater photography, navigation, and deep diving, at their base in the bay of Acherounes. They even provide special programmes for junior divers, starting from 8 years old.

Festivals and cultural events

  • July 25th – in the afternoon hours of July 25th the locals go on board the fishing boats from the port of Molos and sail to the small islet with the chapel of Agios Ermolaos on top, just opposite of Molos beach. Here they attend mass, followed by an open-air celebration.
  • July 26th – in the evening of July 26th there is a holy mass in the church of Agios Panteleimon.
  • August 15th – is the celebration of the Assumption of the Virgin and an especially important festival in Skyros. All the locals are attending in the evening.
  • Carnival – In Skyros, the carnival is quite impressive, as many of the old traditions come to life. Especially, on Carnival Sunday, people are standing around the streets of Skyros Town, all dressed up in pagan costumes and holding big bells.

Horseback riding

Horseback riding at the sandy beach of Karteros - 6km east of Heraklion, Crete

In Skyros you will have the opportunity to go horseback riding in Apaloosa. The courses are suitable for families, both grown-ups and children. Courses of various durations are offered as well as 3-hour excursions on the beach, always accompanied by an instructor.


Skyros is a great hiking destination with its great network of hiking paths crossing the whole island. Discover secluded beaches, amazing viewpoints, old chapels, and villages along the paths.

Skyros – Things to see

  • Byzantine castle of Skyros – it was built to protect the island from invaders and pirates. It is standing on a hill above Skyros Town, with a marble lion engraved on the wall above the entrance. You will find the Monastery Tower of Agios Georgios inside the castle.
  • Monastery of Agios Georgios – just beneath the castle stands the monastery, built around 962 A.D. during the Byzantine times. Agios Georgios is the patron saint of Skyros island.
  • Prehistoric Palamari – the ancient site, which is considered one of the most important Neolithic settlements in the Aegean Sea, is situated in the northern part of Skyros. The findings from Palamari are on display at the Archaeological Museum.
  • Archaeological Museum – located in Chora and built in 1967 the museum displays artifacts from archaeological excavations on Skyros island. It contains pottery from the Geometric period, jewelry, coins, and pitchers found in the ancient cemetery of Magazia.
  • The ponies of Skyros – are shorter than ponies in general. They are hairy with an arched back. This rare race is the trademark of Skyros and have lived there since antiquity.
  • Church of Agios Nikolaos – is curved out from a rock. You will find it in Pouriá at the northern end of Molos beach.
  • Faltaits Folklore Museum – established as a museum in 1964 at the residence of Manos Faltaits, it houses items depicting everyday life in different periods of the history of Skyros as well as a collection of publications dating from the Byzantine time till the War of Independence.
  • Church of Agios Panteleimon – is located on the way from Skyros Town to the airport. From here you can have the most amazing view the island.
The unique, tiny horses of Skyros, Sporades Greece.
The unique, tiny ponies of Skyros

Skyros Beach Guide

Aerial view of beach in Skyros island, Sporades Greece.
Aerial view of beach in Skyros

The beaches in Skyros are beautiful and secluded, perfect for you who seek privacy. Molos beach is long with crystal clear waters and tourist facilities. It is considered the best beach in Skyros, but if you prefer privacy you can drive around the island in search for the many hidden beaches with less facilities and a relaxing, tranquil atmosphere.

Partly organized beaches

Molos beach in Skyros island, Sporades Greece
Molos beach with sunbeds and umbrellas
  • Molos beach – Sandy, family friendly, popular, located 4 km north of Skyros Town.
  • Aspous beach – Pebbled, secluded, family friendly, located 5 km south of Skyros Town.
  • Atsitsa beach – Pebbled with rocks along the waterline, secluded, 18 km west of Skyros Town.
  • Magazia beach – Sandy, family friendly, popular during summer, located 3 km north of Skyros Town.
  • Gyrismata beach – Sandy, family friendly, located 5 km north of Skyros Town.

Non-organized beaches

Secluded beach in Skyros island, Greece.
Secluded beach in Skyros
  • Agios Fokas beach – Pebbled and sandy, secluded, located 13 km southwest of Skyros Town.
  • Acherounes beach – Pebbled, family friendly, with cafeterias and snack bars nearby, located 10 km southwest of Skyros Town.
  • Pefkos beach – Pebbled, secluded, located 11 km southwest of Skyros Town.
  • Achili beach – Sandy, secluded, located 5 km south of Skyros Town. According to myth this is the beach from which Achilles departed for the Troy War.
  • Agios Petros beach – Sandy, secluded, located 16 km northwest of Skyros Town, near the airport.
  • Kareflou beach – Pebbled, secluded, located 7 km north of Skyros Town.
  • Kalamitsa beach – Pebbled, secluded, located 9 km south of Skyros Town, close to the port Linaria.
  • Kyra Panagia beach – Pebbled, secluded, unspoiled from tourism and clean, located 17 km west of Skyros Town.
  • Palamari beach – Sandy, secluded with a small chapel next to the beach. Located 13 km northwest of Skyros Town.
  • Theotokos beach – Sandy, secluded, located 22 km north of Skyros Town, near the airport.
Shipwreck abandoned at a sea-coast of Skyros island in Greece
Shipwreck abandoned at a beach of Skyros

Weather and climate in Skyros

Skyros is characterized by the Mediterranean climate with mild winters and hot summers. November to February is the cold season where it rains a lot on the island. This rainfall is the reason for the lush green landscape of Skyros. Winds are blowing fiercely during winter, often leading to storms. The summer is warm and comfortable, with only a little, light rainfall from time to time. July to September is the hottest season where strong winds still may blow frequently. Beware of the non-organized beaches without lifeguards when winds are blowing strong.

Average air and sea temperatures in Skyros in °C