Central Greece

Central Greece is the most populous geographical region of Greece, with a population of more than 4 million people, and covers an area of almost 25,000 km², making it the second largest of the country. It is located to the north of Peloponnese and to the south of Thessaly and Epirus, bordering the Aegean Sea to the east, the Ionian Sea to the west and the Corinthian Gulf to the south. Its climate is temperate along its coastlines, and dry in the interior.

Arachova, Central GreeceDelphi, Central GreeceHiliadou, Euboea, Central GreeceGalaxidi, Central GreeceLake Trichonida, Central GreeceMount Parnassus, Central Greece

Ancient Thebes, Central Greece


Places of great interest and beauty to visit:

The region is one of the most mountainous in Greece, having some of the highest elevations in the country of which can be mentioned:

  • Giona, 2,510 in Phocis
  • Vardousia, 2,495 in Phocis
  • Parnassus, 2,457 in Phocis

Central Greece has also some of the largest lakes in Greece, while amongst the most important is Mornos lake in Phocis,  which supplies water around the prefecture,  and Athens as well.

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