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Edessa is a city in northern Greece and the capital of the Pella peripheral unit. It was also the capital of the defunct province of the same name.

Coordinates: 40°55′N 22°05′E

Archaeological remains have been discovered on the site of ancient Edessa, just below the modern city. The walls and the agora have been unearthed so far. A colonnade with inscription in Greek dates from Roman times. The city achieved certain prominence in the first centuries AD, being located on the Via Egnatia.

Ancient street in EdessaVery little is known about the fate of the city after 500 AD. After the Slavic settling in the 6th-7th century, the name of “Edessa” disappears and what remains of the city (a fortress in the acropolis of the ancient city) is named “Vodena” (from Slavic ‘Voda’, “water”), recalled by 11th century Byzantine historian John Skylitzes. It fell to the Ottomans along with the rest of Macedonia around 1390.

During the Ottoman rule, the Turkish component of the town steadily increased. From the 1860s onwards, the town was a flashpoint for clashes between Greeks and Bulgarians.
Read more about the history of Edessa at the website of Wikipedia 

Voras Mountain is located at the frontiers with the Republic of Macedonia and its crest-ridge is the limit line of the two countries. It is the third highest mountain in Greece after Olympos (2917 m.) and Smolikas (2637 m.), with an altitude of 2524 m, on the peak of which stands Kaimaktsalan Ski Center. The view from the mountain is amazing, since one can see as far as Thermaikos Gulf, the peak of Olympos mountain and, of course, the 3-5 Pigadia Ski Center in Naoussa, which is across from the peak.
The ski center starts at 2040 m, Chalet’s building: 2040 m, Highest peak: 2524 m, Highest lift: 2480 m, Greatest lift height difference: 290 m, Greatest slope height difference: 440 m.

A traditional street in EdessaIn the post-war period Edessa gradually lost its competitive advantage in industry and declined economically and in population. Currently there are no major industry at the town. At the beginning of the 21st century, it is a city based on services (mostly linked to its function as capital of the Pella Prefecture) and tourism due to the waterfalls and winter sports.


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The centre is located at an altitude of 2,000m. There are 4 ski lifts for all levels and the summit of the mountain is at 2,500m. The ski bar at the base of “Sarantovrisi” lift is cozy and it serves nice hot chocolates and cold beers ! The music rocks!
Kaimaktsalan, Edessa 58002, Greece
Tel: +30 23810 32000-3, +30  52012, 24464  Fax: +30 23810 20533

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