Lerin cathedral, Florina

 is a town in mountainous northwestern Macedonia, Greece. Its motto is, ‘Where Greece begins‘. It is also the Metropolitan seat for the region. It lies in the central part of Florina peripheral unit, of which it is the capital. The town’s population is 16,771 people (2001 census). It is in a wooded valley about 13 km (8 mi) south of the international border of Greece with the Republic of Macedonia.

Coordinates: 40°45′N 21°25′E

It is the gateway to the Prespa Lakes and, until the modernisation of the road system, of the old town of Kastoria. It is located west of Edessa, northwest of Kozani, and northeast of Ioannina and Kastoria cities. The nearest airport is situated to the east. The mountains of Verno lie to the southwest and Varnous to the northwest.

Topographic map of Lake Prespa and Lake Ohrid

For many years, the Greek part of the Prespa Lakes region was an underpopulated, military sensitive area which required special permission for outsiders to visit. It saw fierce fighting during the Greek Civil War and much of the local population subsequently emigrated to escape endemic poverty and political strife. The region remained little developed until the 1970s, when it began to be promoted as a tourist destination. With an abundance of rare fauna and flora, the area was declared a Transnational Park in 2000. In 1999 the Society for the Protection of Prespa received the Ramsar Wetland Conservation Award for its conservation efforts regarding the Lake Prespa Ramsar site.

Fisherman's cabin at Lake Prespa, GreeceFlorina houses, Macedonia, GreeceLake Prespa, Albania

The area contains four National Parks located in Albania, Greece, and Macedonia. The largest town in the Prespa Lakes region is Resen in Macedonia. Winters bring heavy snow and long periods of temperature below freezing point. During the hot summer months it becomes a busy market town.

Marble statue of Artemis, Archaeological museum of FlorinaArchaeological and Byzantine Museum of Florina
The museum was built in the years 1963-1969. The exhibition includes topographical and architectural plans, excavation photographs, a model of the archaeological site of Petres and a representation of the storage and workshop areas of the same site.
The museum contains collections of sculptures, reliefs and inscriptions, displayed on the ground floor, excavation finds from two cities, Petres and the hill of Ag. Panteleimon in Florina, displayed on the first floor, and a collection of Byzantine antiquities also exhibited on the first floor.
The most important items of the museum are the following:
Prehistoric vases from Ag. Panteleimon (Pateli) and Armenochori, in the district of Florina.
Funerary and votive inscriptions of the Hellenistic and Roman periods, found in the district of Florina.
Marble statue of Artemis. It was found at Petres and dates from the Roman period.
Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday: 08.00-15.00
Tel.: +30 23850-28206

Florina Modern Art MuseumThe Florina Museum of Modern Art is an art museum in Florina in Greece. It was founded by the Florina Art Centre in 1977. It is housed in a neoclassical building by the Skouleva river. The museum’s collection is composed of 480 works by 254 artists, which includes paintings, sculptures and engravings. More recently, its collection was enriched by a work of El Greco donated by the national Gallery, as well as by 44 engravings from Florence. These are in display since August 1999. Apart from its permanent exhibition, the museum also organizes art symposia and exhibitions of visual and applied art.
Address: 103 Eleftherias Avenue, 531 00 Florina,
Tel.: +30 23850-29444

Florina - From the Northwest (National Road 2 to Vigla)


Florina is passed by GR-2 (Lake Prespa – Edessa) and GR-3/E65 (Kozani – Florina – Niki – Bitola). The historic Via Egnatia is situated to the east. The new GR-3 superhighway will run east of Florina


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