North Aegean Islands – Wild Mountains, Waterfalls and Beautiful Beaches

The North Aegean islands are rather spread as an island group. They are also known as the Northeast Aegean islands, most of them belonging to Greece and a few of them to Turkey. To the west are the Sporades islands and the Cyclades, and to the south you find the Dodecanese islands.

What are the North Aegean islands?

The biggest of the North Aegean islands are Lesbos, Chios, Samos, Ikaria, Limnos, Samothrace and to the far northwest is Thassos, a part of Central Macedonia region. Among the smaller ones you will find Fournoi Korseon and Thymaina islands, Psara, and Oinousses. In the Northeast Aegean Turkey has the islands of Imbros and Tenedos. Here at GO GREECE YOUR WAY you will find info about the biggest Greek North Aegean islands and the smaller Fournoi Korseon and Thymaina islands.

Sunset during a hike in Lesbos, North Aegean Sea Greece


Lesbos (or Lesvos) is the third largest island in Greece and is first true to herself. Lesvos is a beautiful Greek island in the Northeastern Aegean Sea close to the coast of Turkey.

Travel to Chios Greece - Stone paved street in Mesta village on southern Chios


Chios is famous for its medieval villages, its unique mastic gum, and stunning beaches. The traditional villages of Pyrgi and Olympi both have an outstanding architecture and a structure somewhat fortified.

Livadaki beach, Samos island, Aegean Sea Greece


The island of Samos is outstanding for its great beaches and green, beautiful landscape. It is the perfect travel destination for activities in nature.

People sunbathing at a beach in Lemnos island, North Aegean Greece


Limnos (or Lemnos) is a big island off the beaten track in the Northern Aegean Sea. Mostly flat, fringed with more than 30 sandy bays Lemnos boasts a beautiful natural setting. In its northwest area Lemnos turns wild, rough, and mountainous.

Vathres waterfalls in Samothrace, North Aegean Sea Greece


Samothrace is – according to ancient mythology – the island of Aeolus (God of the winds). Samothrace is blessed with the tallest mountain in the Aegean Sea and legend has it that Poseidon himself sat on Mount Saos to watch the Troy War.

The bay of Seychelles beach in Ikaria, North Aegean Sea Greece


Ikaria island is magical, its inhabitants live long lives with good health and joy. The landscape is largely untamed by agriculture, with dramatic green gorges, rocky moonlike landscape and secluded beaches with crystal-clear, blue waters.


Fourni and Thymaina

Fourni and Thymaina are tiny islands part of a picturesque small archipelago hidden far away from Athens and the Greek mainland, just south of Samos and Ikaria in the Eastern part of the Aegean Sea.