Salamis – Weekend hub in the Saronic Gulf

Salamis is the largest island in the Saronic Gulf, about 2 km off-coast from Piraeus and about 16 km west of Athens. The chief city, Salamina, lies in the west-facing core of the crescent on Salamis Bay, which opens into the Saronic Gulf. The main port, Paloukia, in size second only to Piraeus, is on the eastern side.


Geology of Salamis

Salamis has an area of 36 square miles; its highest point is Mavrovouni (1325 feet). A significant part of Salamis Island is rocky and mountainous. On the southern part of the island a pine forest is located, which is unusual for western Attica. Unfortunately, this forest is often a target for fires.

Salamis – a popular weekend hub

Salamis Island is very popular for holiday and weekend visits from the Athens and Piraeus area; its population rises to 300,000 in peak season of which ca. 31,000 are permanent inhabitants. This supports a strong service industry sector, with many cafes, bars, ouzeries, tavernas and consumer goods shops throughout the island. On the south of the island, away from the port, there are a number of less developed areas with good swimming beaches including those of Aianteio, Maroudi, Perani, Peristeria, Kolones, Saterli, Selenia and Kanakia.

Port at Salamina island in the Saronic Gulf, Greece
Port at Salamina island

Euripidio Theatre in Salamis

The Euripidio theatre with its 3000 seating capacity hosts many different events throughout the year. Events like plays, concerts and other cultural happenings.

Open air theatre in Salamina island, Saronic Gulf, Greece
Euripidio Open air theatre in Salamina