Best Scuba Diving in Greece – Unexplored Shipwrecks and Stunning Reefs

Do you want discover ancient walls, sunken cities, shipwrecks, caves or reefs? Maybe you enjoy underwater photography or fishing? Greece is a diver’s paradise and perfect for your next scuba diving adventure.

  1. Best Scuba Diving Clubs
  2. Attica
  3. Islands of Saronikou
  4. Cyclades Islands
  5. Sporades Islands
  6. Macedonia
  7. Ionian Islands
  8. North East Aegean Islands
  9. Rhodes Island
  10. Crete
  11. Pelion
Diving in Greece - Nudibranch (Lat. Flapellina)
Discover creatures like the Nudibranch (Lat. Flapellina)

Greece is not known abroad for its scuba diving. Until recently, the government cautiously restricted diving due to it’s great fear of ancient artifacts and important archaelogical items being removed from underwater sites. Fortunately, the Greek government has loosened many of its regulations on scuba diving, although it is still restrictive for specialty dives like night and wreck dives.

Best Scuba Diving Clubs in Greece

Diving in Greece

Much of Greece’s underwater expanse is largely unexplored since recreational diving is quite new to the country. This is exciting because there are dozens of islands scattered around Greece in the Ionian and the Aegean Seas with hidden gems yet to be discovered. Diving in Corfu (and most of the Mediterranean) centers less around the abundance and variety of fish and more on interesting rock formations, swim-throughs, and exploration of wrecks. The visibility is surprisingly good (averaged around 50 ft) and octopus, squid, starfish, and fire worms are quite common. Diving centers tend to be very informal operations, with a traditional Greek approach to planning dive trips (in some cases this can be frustrating when trying to organize daily activities). The local divers are very friendly though, and make up for their lack of organizational skills with their zest for diving.

Clubs in Attica

Clubs in the Islands of Saronikou

Clubs in the Cyclades Islands

Clubs in the Sporades islands

Clubs in Macedonia

Clubs in the Ionian Islands

Clubs in the North East Aegean Islands

Thassos Scuba Diving

Clubs in Rhodes island

Clubs in Crete

Clubs in Pelion

Important: In most Greek islands and villages next to the sea on the Greek mainland you will find local diving clubs. Just few of them have their own website like the above listed.