Skiing and snowboarding in Greece: A great Greek adventure

Greece is a great holiday destination not just in the summertime but also during the winter season. If you choose Greece for your winter holidays you will find great sporting activities waiting for you.

Skiing in the wild nature of Greece

Ski Resorts in Greece

A Line in the Snow

A Line in the Snow

I dare claiming that skiing isn’t exactly the activity that pops up in your mind when someone mentions Greece. Thinking of Greece – there are other colours like blue, green or brown coming to mind, not the white of newfallen snow. Still, in Greece you will find several excellent ski resorts in different locations from Macedonia to Vasilitsa in Epirus. Wild mountain tops covered with soft white snow, wooden chalets situated thousands of meters above sea level, lighted skiing sites during night time with skiers standing out with their colored ski suits, speed and technique: That’s what the ski resorts in Greece are all about!

Skiing in the wild nature of Greece

During wintertime in the Greek mountains you will find large areas of woodland with snow-covered peaks, forest trails and old paths along rivers filled with fast-flowing waters. Walk across the old beautiful stone bridges and have a breathtaking view over the calm lakes.
The biggest ski resorts in Greece you will find on Parnassos (not far from Athens), Kalavryta (Peleponnese), Kammaktsalan, Vasilitsa (Pindus), Tria-Pente Pigadia (near Naousa), Pelion (near Volos) and Mainalo Mountains. You will experience snowy adventures in an all-white setting.

Surfing and snowboarding in Greece

Here is a list of the best ski resorts in various locations of Greece. The links below will provide you with all you’ll need to know about the altitude, access, prices, ski lessons, accommodation etc. Here is a chance for all of you to discover a totally different, but just as seductive side of Greece…

Ski Resorts in Greece

Arachova-Parnassos Ski Resort 

Parnassos Ski Centre 

Karpenisi-Velouchi Ski Resort 

Kalavryta-Chelmos Ski Resort 

Thessaly-Pelion Ski Resort 

Grevena-Vasilitsa Ski Resort 

Kaimaktsalan-Aegean Ski Resort 

Drama-Falakros Ski Resort 

Florina-Vigla-Pisoderi Ski Resort 

Vermio-3-5 Pigadia Ski Resort 

Vermio-Seli Ski Resort 

Metsovo Ski Resorts (Karakoli and Politsies)