Best windsurfing spots in Greece: Playing with strong Meltemia winds

Windsurfing is being practiced on practically any windy beach in Greece and the Greek islands. Since the 80’s windsurfing has been extremely popular in Greece.

Top 5 windsurfing spots in Greece

Windsurfing is for Everyone

International Windsurfing Contests in Greece

Weather and Climate in Greece

Clubs & Windsurfing Schools in Greece

Beaches – Perfect for Windsurfing

Windsurfing in Greece

Especially the Aegean Sea and the Cyclades are perfect for windsurfing with the strong northern winds, known under the name Meltemia, that are blowing during the summer months. The strong winds create the ideal wind conditions for windsurfing and kitesurfing.

Top 5 windsurfing spots in Greece

Windsurfing in Greece
  1. Mikri Vigla beach, Naxos
  2. New Golden Beach, Paros
  3. Agios Ioannis, Lefkada
  4. Vassiliki, Lefkada
  5. Prassonisi, Rhodes

Windsurfing is for everyone

Windsurfing in Greece

Windsurfing is a great sport for anyone who loves the sea, and no extraordinary strength is necessary, except you need to acquire the correct technique. You can practice windsurfing in many Greek islands with the local windsurfing centers, where you also can rent the essential equipment and take lessons in windsurfing given by trained instructors at organized beaches. It is an exciting sport for everyone, irrespective of sex and age.

International windsurfing contests in Greece

Windsurfing in Greece

Occasionally, international windsurfing contests are being held in Greece, where people from all over the world are attending and participating.
Apart from being a great summer vacation activity and an Olympic sport, windsurfing has been a professional sport since 1985.

Weather and climate in Greece

In Greece, the weather conditions are perfect with the mild climate and suitable wind strength. Therefore, the sport has grown more and more popular over the years among the Greeks themselves. Due to this fact, both European and World competitions are held in various parts of Greece during the summer months. Some of these tournaments rank among the more important international sport events.
Greece offers perfect conditions in many different places for windsurfers. Here you will find the total list of windsurfing clubs and schools scattered all over Greece, as for example in Naxos, Paros, Ios, Heraklion (Crete), Lefkada, Lemnos, Milos, and Rhodes.

Clubs and windsurfing schools in Greece

Windsurfing in the Aegean Sea offers great windconditions and sunshine

Beaches – perfect for windsurfing

windsurfing in Greece

Besides the above mentioned surfing clubs you’ll find great windsurfing conditions in these islands and on the coasts of mainland Greece:

  • Attica:
    • Anavissos
    • Varkiza
    • Lavrio
    • Loutsa
    • Rafina
    • Schinia (Marathona)
    • Galazia Akti (Marathona)
  • Cyclades Islands:
    • Paros (beaches Chysi Akti, Nea Chrysi Akti, Tsoukalia, Santa Maria and Pounta)
    • Mykonos (beaches Ftelia and Kalafatis)
    • Naxos (beaches Agios Georgios and Mikri Vigla)
    • Ios (beach Mylopotas)
    • Santorini
  • Dodecanese Islands:
    • Rhodes (beaches Trianda, Fanes, Prassonisi and Theologos)
    • Karpathos (Bay of the Devil)
    • Kos
  • Peloponnese
    • Patra (beaches of Drepano and Zacharo)
  • Ionian Islands:
    • Lefkada (beach Vasiliki)
    • Zakynthos
  • Crete
  • Sporades Islands:
    • Skiatho
  • Macedonia:
    • The prefecture of Thessaloniki (beaches Agia Triada, Nea Michaniona and Lake Volvi)
    • Chalkidiki (Sunny Beach)

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