Hang gliding in Greece


Since ancient times man has been thrilled by the thought of flying – just like Icarus, the lengendary hero from ancient Greece. The attempt of man to fly is reflected in an absolute way in the adventurous sky sports. Sky sports enthusiasts in Greece are excited about the unique freedom in conjunction with spiritual tranquility and absolute concentration. This is an adventurous way to see the natural beauties of the Greek landscapes from above, moving with the air currents as your guide.

In Greece you will find the ideal climate for gliding, since the dry climate of Greece is utilizing the upward currents in the atmosphere to help the glider to fly for quite a while. The period between April and October is the best time to fly.

Hang-gliding started in the ‘70s in the United States and Australia where it quickly became popular. In the years to follow, it became known worldwide and today it is particularly popular in more than fifty countries. It was characterised as an Olympic sport in 1985, but has not yet been included in the Olympic Games programme.
In 1978 it was introduced in Greece and in 1999 it was included in the Hellenic Air Sports Federation (HASF). Nowadays hang gliding is favored in all the country and as a result there are many clubs that can provide training for people interested in learning the sport.
Parapente (Paragliding) took its name from the French words “parachute” and pente (mountain side). It originated in the ‘60s from a NASA programme, but practically it was established in the mid ‘80s in France.

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