Mountain Bike in Greece


The Greek wild mountain terrain offers great challenge to the bike riders. There are plenty of clubs in Greece that organize mountain biking excursions. The most popular Greek destinations for mountain biking is Crete, Lake Plastira in Thessaly, Zagoria in Epirus and Evrytania in central Greece, as they are mountainous and offer nice cycling paths.

Mountain Bike Clubs in Greece
  • Trail Forks
    Find maps with mountain bike trails in most areas in Greece. Also a list of the most popular trails with video and images.
  • Hellas Bike Chania
    Discover Crete by bike.
    Linda Ambrose & Thanassis Mischopoulos
    Tel. +30 28210 60858 Fax +30 28210 38083
  • Olympos Trek
    Among other activities such as trekking, canyoning, rafting etc. you can mountain bike at Mount Olympus.





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