Touring in Northern Greece: Drama, Macedonia

Mount Falakro in Drama, Greece

2nd stop: Drama

Drama is part of the Region of East Macedonia and Thrace. Its capital is the town of Drama. It is the northernmost unit within the geographical region of Macedonia and the westernmost in the administrative region of East Macedonia and Thrace. The northern border with Bulgaria is formed by the Rhodope Mountains.
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Coordinates: 41°15′N 24°10′E    (1) Drama (2) Doxato (3) Kato Nevrokopi
(4) Paranesti (5) Prosotsani

The natural environment of Drama

Mount Falakro in Drama, GreeceDrama is one of the richest, in terms of natural environment, territories in Greece. In the highlands there are some of the most important mountainous ecosystems in Greece. Dense forests, among which is the unique Virgin Forest, natural springs, rare flora and fauna, subalpine meadows, rivers, caves, waterfalls, and artificial lakes.

Five sites are protected under national and European law:

  • The Simida forest, which is the southernmost point where beech trees form forests in Europe (NATURA 2000 site)
  • The Virgin Forest of central Rodopi, which is an undisturbed natural ecosystem (Preservable Monument of Nature and NATURA 2000 site)
  • The Frakto forest
  • The forests of Elatia at the central Rodopi range, which is the southernmost point of geographical spread of Norway spruce in Europe (NATURA 2000 site)
  • The peaks of Mount Falakro (meaning: Bald) with its rare and endemic species (NATURA 2000 site)

Skiing in Drama:

Falakro ski center, Drama, GreeceFalakro ski center, Drama, Greece

Falakro Ski Center operates with

  • 3 lifts
  • 1 four-seater air chair
  • 1 air two-seater
  • 3 baby lifts
  • 21 ski tracks.
  • 1 track snowmobile
  • 3 chalets
    Two of the chalets are at the base of the ski resort and one to end the four-seater chair, with panoramic views at an altitude of 2110m. In one of the chalets at the base of the center, you’ll find a restaurant, the chalet  meets the needs of 80 people to stay overnight.
  • Focal points
  • Points of sale and rental of skiing equipment with ski schools

The third chalet is located in the end the four-seater chair at an altitude of 2100 meters with panoramic views across the region. There the visitor can enjoy a drink and admire the rare climbing slopes, the Nestos river, villages and settlements in neighboring Bulgaria, the edges of Western Rhodopes with Greek villages, the gorge of Towers and the plain of Drama, and a panoramic view of the ski resort.

Falakro Ski Center
Drama 66100, Greece
email:   tel: +30 25220 41811  mobile: +30 6944798758

Things to do

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The prefecture of Drama is perfect for many activities besides skiing at Falakro Skiing Center. The area is ideal for trekking both in the lowlands and the highlands, mountain biking, jeeping, climbing and ice climbing, rafting and canoeing on the rivers, hanggliding and even bungee jumping.

Virgin Forest Running Trails 2012
The next competition will take place at 13-14 Oktober 2012
Info on how to take part in the running competition on Virgin Forest Trail website here.

Gorge of Petrousa - Pirgi, Drama, GreeceThe Gorge of Petrousa – Pirgi begins north of the village of Pirgi ending in Petrousa. With a length of more than 10 kilometers it is an obvious attraction for nature lovers -hikers, who can cross the bottom of vertical cliffs, in an astunning natural beauty. The slopes of the gorge host colorful wild flowers, durable xerofyta and interesting arborescent vegetation. Furthermore, the gorge is a refuge for many species of wildlife.

River Nestos - Greece-BulgariaCave Aggitis in Drama, GreeceThe springs of Agia Varvara in Drama, Greece

River Nestos, with a total length of 234 km, (its spring in Bulgaria) runs through almost the entire prefecture of Drama. It enters the Greek territory at the borders in the municipality of Kato Nevrokopi, then runs through Paranesti and into Thrace to end its flow in the Aegean Sea.
Much shorter (40 km), but not less important in the prefecture of Drama, is the river of Aggitis. It is located in the regional units of Serres and Drama. River Aggitis is considered to be an important tributary of the Strymonas. The river is the setting for a number of extreme sports, including rafting.
The beautiful cave of Aggitis is 21 km long. A short distance from the cave is the gorge of the river Aggitis, 15 km in length and depth that reaches 100 m down to the riverbed.

External links

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Here you will find multiple links to activities in and around Drama.
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Flora on Mt Falakro
• Virgin Forest Trail 2012, Paranesti, Drama
Running competition on forest trails
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(the website is only in Greek, unfortunately)
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• Gorge of Petrousa – Pirgi
• Forest of Frakto
The forest is located on the northeastern edge of the Prefecture of Drama below the highest peak of Central Rodopi at 1,953 m. It has been characterized as a virgin forest and is the only such forest in the country and considered one of the most important of its kind in Europe.
• The Forest of Elatia (or Kara Dere)
The area is located in the central and northern parts of the prefecture and extends along the Greek-Bulgarian border area.
• Mountaineering and Ski Clubs – Mountain Refuges


• Archaeological Museum of Drama
• Ecclesiastical Museum of Drama


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