Holidays in Greece in the era of COVID-19 pandemic

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Greece has worked hard to adapt the tourist season to the era of the new coronavirus pandemic. For now at least, it seems to work even when a second wave of the pandemic is already threatening other European destinations. Thanks to the fact that only few cases of Covid-19 have been recorded in Greece so far, during your visit to many parts of the country, you will not feel the presence of the disease at all.

Travel to Greece by plane

Not everyone can visit Greece now

Precautions are taken, of course, to keep the coronavirus at bay. Not everyone can visit Greece now. The country has opened its borders only to travelers from European Union countries and a few other countries, although officials had hinted that US visitors may be welcome before the summer.

Required documents before travel and sampling upon arrival

As a guest you must complete the required documents before leaving your home country, giving details of where you will be staying. Upon arrival, you are subject to sampling and could, if tested positive for the new coronavirus, be quarantined for 14 days.

Since July 15, when Athens lifted the ban on arrivals from EU countries, air travel has been developing smoothly. Although Greece acknowledges that some travelers will be importing the virus, the country will keep its vital tourism industry in operation for the rest of the summer. Therefore, all necessary measurements are taken.

Measurements during your stay in Greece

COVID-19 - measurement with face masks during your holiday in Greece
The use of face mask is now mandatory in almost all public places in Greece
  1. Hotels and hostels do everything possible to make you feel safe. Staff wear masks and – sometimes gloves and full plastic face shields, even though they are uncomfortable in the heat of the summer.
  2. Hand sanitizers are available everywhere – in the hotel lobby, outside your room, inside your room, even in small bottles in the bathroom, offered free of charge to all tenants. TV and air conditioning remote controls are sometimes wrapped in plastic.
  3. Signs on the floor of hotels implement the 2 meters social distance. To avoid gathering of tenants around the traditional buffet, breakfast is served individually.
  4. The explosive increase of cases in Europe during the beginning of August has brought a wave of concern in many of the European countries who are now reviewing the measures they have taken for the coronavirus. For Greece, yesterday, Nikos Hardalias (Undersecretary of State for Civil Protection and Crisis Management) announced the mandatory use of the mask in almost all public places.

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