Update: When can I go on holiday again?

How to travel safely after COVID-19? Which are the new safety measures during traveling? When can I travel to Greece again?

Travel to Greece - airport

The summer 2020 is here before we know it, and many of us have asked ourselves the question: “When will I be able to travel again?”

I, personally, want to travel to Greece, which is my second home. The COVID-19 situation in Greece regarding tourism and international travels is still a bit fluid, but here are the latest developments.

When will Greece open for tourism again?

Domestic tourism in Greece will gradually resume from June 1. Both hotels operating year-round and campsites will be able to reopen. Already now Greeks can travel freely around the country, ferry routes and domestic flights are gradually returning to a normal state.

In mid-May the Greek government announced that the international tourism period for Greece will start on June 15, which is also the date where seasonal hotels will be allowed to open for guests again. Therefore, the restrictions on international flights will be eased for tourists to land from abroad at the International Airport of Athens from June 15. From July 1. Greece will gradually allow direct international flights to tourist destinations.

Which tourists can travel to Greece this summer?

According to the Greek media, the first countries allowed to travel to Greece from June 15 include Albania, Australia, Austria, Bosnia, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Japan, North Macedonia, Norway, Poland, Romania, Serbia and Slovakia. However, British travellers are banned from entering due to Britain’s high numbers of coronavirus cases until June 30. 
Unfortunately, restrictions will probably continue to apply for some time to travelers from countries with an extensive spread of COVID-19. These countries include the USA and Russia.

Who will fly to Greece?

The British low-budget airline easyJet has announced that a small number of flights will resume on June 15. Passengers and crew will have to wear masks during the flight.

EasyJet aircraft have been stuck on the ground since late March when the new corona spread across Europe, but the company announced it would resume domestic flights to Britain and France on June 15, before adding other destinations.

easyJet and new safety measures

The flights will start with new safety measures, such as the use of a mask and the enhanced cleaning of the aircraft.

EasyJet followed the example of its biggest competitor, Ryanair, making the use of a mask mandatory, as airlines take steps to reassure customers that they can fly safely again amid concerns about the spread of COVID-19 in aircrafts with a lot of people.

Aegean will fly with enhanced flight measures

Travel to Greece - Aegean Airline

Aegean is responding to new travel data, due to a corona and the obligation to comply with health protocols for air travel, already applying to all flights on its network, new enhanced health, and safety measures. The mask is mandatory, and 3 rows of seats will be kept empty.

According to the airline: “With the absolute priority of the health and safety of passengers and workers and in close cooperation with the authorities, the procedures for boarding, accessing and servicing the aircraft, as well as the cleaning and disinfection procedures, have already changed in the aircraft. The use of a mask has already become mandatory for both passengers and crew of Aegean, and from now on only one piece of hand luggage or personal item will be allowed in the cabin. Also, 3 rows of seats will now be kept empty for the possibility of isolating a potential accidental passenger “.

Special separators to avoid overcrowding

To avoid overcrowding and minimizing contact, as provided by the relevant health protocols, Aegean has already been placed in ticket offices and ticket control offices with special dividers. In addition, passengers, when boarding the aircraft gradually in smaller groups, will display their travel documents with no physical contact to staff, scan their passenger card for the special electronic scanners and be encouraged to use the electronic and non-contact services before and during their journey.

Aegean – new hygiene and safety measures

Regarding the cleaning measures that are applied, it is noted that since the beginning of the pandemic, the regular cleaning of aircrafts between all flights and the disinfection procedures have been intensified. The air recycling system on aircrafts is equipped with HEPA filters (High Efficiency Particulate Air) and the air is constantly renewed, applying the highest standards. It is noted that according to the manufacturers, HEPA filters capture more than 99% of bacteria and viruses.

As the company states: “These new procedures, in conjunction with individual protection measures, are necessary to ensure the protection of passengers and crews, the resumption of air travel, and the safeguarding of the national effort to limit the dispersal of the COVID-19 pandemic in Greece”.

Source: iefimerida.gr