Peloponnese – What to see?

Peloponnese hides secluded bays with great beaches, ancient sites like Olympia, Epidaurus, and Mycenae. It has the friendliest population, beautiful villages, and delicious dishes from the Mediterranean cuisine.

Interesting sightseeing and beautiful resorts

Peloponnese is with its proximity to Athens a great travel destination in the Greek mainland. With beautiful resorts and interesting sightseeing, it attracts many visitors all year round. The peninsula of Peloponnese is technically an island since the 1893 construction of the Corinth Channel. It is forming a large region in southern Greece (south of the Gulf of Corinth)

Acronafplia, Nafplio@G Filippini
Acronafplia, Nafplio@G Filippini

Nafplion, Olympia, Epidaurus, and Mycenae

Historically, it has been the main field of action for Greece since the prehistoric times. It hosts some of the most important archaeological sites of Greece, including Olympia, Epidaurus, and Mycenae. Surrounded by sea from all sides, the region provides amazing beaches. The most popular old towns are Nafplion (capital of Greece from 1829-1834 after the Greek War of Independence), Gythio, Monemvasia, and Pylos.

Corinth Channel, seen from the bridge above, Greece
Isthmus – the Corinth Chanel

Peninsula – technically an island

Peloponnese or Peloponnesus is a large peninsula (technically an island since the 1893 construction of the Corinth Canal) and region in southern Greece, forming the part of the country south of the Gulf of Corinth. During the late Middle Ages and the Ottoman era, the peninsula was known as the Morea, a name still in colloquial use.

Mani Port
Mani Port@YSkoulas

Messinian, Mani, Cape Malea, and Argolid Peninsula

The peninsula has a mountainous interior and deeply indented coasts, with Mount Taygetus its highest point at 2,409 m. It possesses four south-pointing peninsulas, the Messenian peninsula, the Mani Peninsula, the Cape Malea peninsula (also known as Epidaurus Limera), and the Argolid in the far northeast of the Peloponnese.

Ancient ruins of Mystras, Peleponnese, Greece
Ancient ruins of Mystras, Peleponnese

Great places to see in Peloponnese

• Patras • Nafplio • Kalamata • Mani Peninsula • Mystras • Monemvasia

Epidaurus Peloponnese, ancient amfitheatre, Greece
Epidaurus, the ancient amphitheatre@Vergas

Archaeological sites to visit in Peloponnese

• Bassae • Corinth • Epidaurus • Messene • Mycenae • Olympia • Sparta • Pylos • Tegea • Tiryns 

What traveler type are you?

Explore the wild nature of Peloponnese

Peloponnese has experiences for any traveler type, whether you are into hiking or extreme sports like bungee jumping and river rafting, and very much if you are interested in culture and ancient history.
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