Your guide to Greece

Go Greece Your Way is your complete guide to a perfect holiday in the Greek islands and the beautiful mountainous regions on the mainland of Greece. Whether you are a sunseeker, a nature lover or aiming for great adventures in the blue depths of the Mediterranean Sea, you will find all the information you need in the posts of my blog.
I strive to describe each region, city and island in Greece from a traveler’s perspective with focus on what to experience and see in the specific area or group of islands. I give information about activities, like hiking routes, diving schools and extreme sports in Greece, but also about cultural events, such as concerts, exhibitions and open-air plays. Have look at my event calendar!

Holiday in the Greek islands

You will find tips for “must sees” in the Greek cities and ancient sites, and tips for “must dos” in the Greek islands. I will provide you with tips for travel routes and island hopping among the Cyclades og the Dodecanese Islands in the Aegean Sea.

Peloponnese – perfect for road trips!

Peloponnese has a very special place in my heart – here the opportunities for adventures in nature and at ancient sites are immeasurable. Discover ancient Mycenae and the amphitheater Epidaurus along the east coast of Peloponnese, and the medieval town Monemvasia along with the natural wonders of Mani in the south. On the west coast of Peloponnese, you’ll find the gorgeous beaches in Kyparissia, Ancient Olympia and the vivid city of Patras, where ferries daily are leaving for Italy and the Ionian Islands of Corfu, Zante and Kefalonia. The whole of the north coast of Peloponnese looks towards the Corinthian Bay with beautiful pebbled beaches and ancient Corinth at the famous Canal of Corinth. Peloponnese is perfect for a road trip to great cultural as well as nature-experiences with good hotels, Bed & Breakfast and camping sites along the way. Rent a van and take your family on a road trip to great adventures on the peninsula.

Epirus – for mountain lovers

If you love mountains, you must at least once in your life visit Epirus and the great mountain range of Pindus, which starts way up in Albania continuing all the way down through the mainland of Greece. The rivers Acheron and Aoos run through the Pindus Mountains and rafting is a favored activity. Try hiking through Vikos Gorge, one of the deepest in the world and the centerpiece of the Vikos-Aoos National Park, known for its scenic beauty. Epirus is heavily forested and the fauna features species such as bears, wolves, deer and lynxes.

Athens – with ancient must-sees

Athens is a huge and noisy city, and often tourists from Europe prefer to stay just a few days before heading for the islands. Still there are areas in the old city center you must see when visiting Greece: Acropolis Hill with Parthenon and the new Acropolis Museum, the treasures at the National Museum of Greece and the old marketplace at Monastiraki. This is also the perfect opportunity to find jewelry, natural sponges, delicatessens and handwoven blankets and to try all the delicious Greek dishes in the warm summer nights.

Thessaloniki – the jewel of the North

In northern Greece, in Macedonia, you find Thessaloniki, the second largest city in Greece with great cultural events and sites. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the archaeological museum with the findings from the ancient times of Alexander the Great. And do find a moment to relax at one of the many cafes and restaurants along the endless waterfront before heading for the mountains, beaches and forests in Thrace or Khalkidhiki Peninsula.

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